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1. Self-Lubricating Male
"I used to masturbate wearing a condom and using my pre-cum as lubricant. When I had ejaculated, I would slip the rubber off, roll it up, and put it in a plastic film canister, which kept it from drying out. The next time I masturbated, I'd unroll the condom, slip it on, and use my previous ejaculate as lubricant. I've used the same rubber over and over this way, though I would squeeze some of the cum out of it when it started getting too full. Your own cum makes a really sexy and effective lubricant."

2. Beach balling
My favorite way to masturbate is using a medium size beach ball inserted down between two pairs of underwear worn backwards. I then take a small air pump used for fish aquariums and use about a 6 foot length of air hose and attach the hose to the valve of the beach ball and lay down on the bed and read porn magazines while I slowly hump the beach ball till I have a massive orgasm!

3. Make me up
"Whenever I feel like a really good blow job, one really cheap toy I've discovered for masturbation is a make up brush. When I masturbate I like to take the brush and use it all over my penis and testicles. It feels like getting an awesome blowjob! It also feels wonderful everywhere else too."

4. TV game
"When you are bored and you have just masturbate thinking on every celebrity, every pornstar and there's nobody left.....well...i personally recommend this game. Turn on the TV, then look at your clock (example: 11:32) this time as an example it says get your TV controller and start changing the channel up or down 11 times and you gotta find some way to masturbate thinking only in the people you are watching in that moment. If you saw a great girl in a commercial but the commercial is over...DON""T THINK ANYMORE ABOUT HER!!!...only the people that appear on the TV at that moment even if is one of those famous Pokemon."

5. Who is that masked man?
"Lubricate your penis and get it hard, wear a mask over your face and put a mirror in front of you, then put your middle finger up your ass hole and rub it up and down real fast as it make you more horny (make sure your finger nail is short), Then with your other hand softly start rubbing your penis and imagine your reflection in the mirror is some other person jerking off over you, before you know it your rubbing you penis real fast as cum flies."

6. Cum rag
"The only downside to of course the clean up! Well I have a pretty easy way to clean up. You know how there always seems to be that extra sock in the dryer. Well now you can put it too some good use...just use it as your ""cum rag""..everytime you wanna wank off, when you are about to come, just slip the sock on top and blow your wad in it. The sock usually absorbs it relatively quickly (within 1/2 a day or so) and it's ready for use the next time you feel the need. Just remember: you may want too throw it out after about 20 times, or when it starts growing fungus or something..."

7. Thigh play
"First I like to lube up my inner thighs, then lube up my cock. Next I stick my cock between the thighs that are lubed up keep pushing my cock until I climax, pushing my cock with my middle and ring finger. I do this a lot."

8. Morning shower
I tried this today. While taking a shower I lied down on the bottom of the shower. The hot water aimed at my dick. Next I added some shampoo to add a little extra smoothness. It felt like I was cumming into a water fall.

9. Book worm
"You'll need to be wearing tighty-whities for this one...And it helps to make sure your dick is properly aligned inside them (and to wear dark jeans to cover the evidence).Go to your local bookstore, the one that sells adult magazines, dressed as you normally do. If they have open copies, pick up one that interests you and start reading. As you feel yourself getting hard, don't let up, just keep reading. If you run out of good pictures in one magazine, switch to another You will feel yourself getting ready to climax, but don't stop. Keep reading and think sexy thoughts. Imagine yourself having sex with the girls in the picture. As you feel yourself about to cum, just keep reading like nothing is happening. When you shoot off, the pressure from the whities will give you the best orgasm you'll ever have. You will rock back and forth even, like you're having a seizure. When you're all finished, put the magazine back and drive home with the cum still soaking in your pants. The dark jeans will ensure that no one notices if it starts to leak out of the underwear. "

10. Baggie baller
"I take a Ziploc baggie, fill it half-full with hot water, squeeze the air out, zip it, fold it in half, put it in between mattresses, or couch cushions, and fuck away. It's better if it breaks as you come "

11. Tighty whities
I get a pair of fly-front tighty-whities a size or two too small. Cotton-polyester blends stretch a little and are better than 100% cotton (but are getting hard to find these days - try Sears). The openings for your legs should be just big enough. I slip my dick through the fly and wank away.

12. Against the wall
"I like to soap up one hand really well in the shower. Then place my palm on my hard cock, holding it against my stomach. Then I place my hand (on my cock) against the bathroom wall. Then run it in a circular motion until I cum!!"

13. Wedgie wonder
"Don the briefs and while still flaccid, pull your cock and balls thru the fly. If you got the right size, they should be almost too small to wear and getting all the dangly bits thru should be a minor challenge. Now give yourself a wedgie so that the top of the fly hole presses against the base of your cock, where it meets the pubic hair. If you aren't erect yet, loosen the pressure at the base for a moment to let some blood in (or just insert a couple of fingers at the top of the fly and spread them). Your cock will grow as hard as a steel rebar, and stay that way as long as you are stimulated. If your briefs aren't quite small enough, rotate the leg holes of the briefs around your thighs to make the wedgie tighter. DON'T MAINTAIN PRESSURE FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES because your dick needs to keep a fresh blood supply just like your brain. And wash them often - there's nothing nastier than a pair of semen-encrusted briefs with skid marks in 'em. Try it with your sex partner - they'll LOVE it! "

14. Foamy fun
"Buy a can of shaving foam, and squirt the whole can onto your body, you should be completely covered, head to toe. (be naked first!) Start wanking with one hand, and the other clenching balls and then fingering arse. When reaching a climax, stop, and wait for 3 minutes, then begin again. Do this 10 times...this will make loads of cum. When you get to the point of no return, stand up and put your head between your legs to catch the cum in your mouth...swallow if necessary."

15. Soda popper
A well lubed soda bottle stuck up the ass as you wank is wonderful

16. CuCUMber
Cucumbers are a man's best friend. Use a cucumber to jack off and it will increase how far you cum!

17. In the butt
"I absolutely love shoving things up my ass and masturbating many times a day. So far I have used as dildos: hair brushes, candles, test tubes carrots, shot gun shells, and of course my hand(almost got the whole thing in). "

18. Fingers up there
I like to stick my fingers up my ass while I am jerking my cock. It feels GOOD!!!

19. Sheer energy
"Grab a pair of pantyhose from your girlfriend. Remove your pants and underwear. Now put on her pantyhose. If you do it right, you will get an instant hard-on! Hear that ""swooshing"" sound when you rub your legs and feet against each other. Feel the smoothness of your pantyhosed legs and feet. Now you can see your hard rock dick through the translucent pantyhose panel waiting for your command. Rub your dick until your wad shoots through the pantyhose panel."

20. Shiver me timbers
"Make sure you are hard. Place your balls on a tray of ice so they nice and cold. While your balls are on the tray of ice, take a roll of paper towels and lube up the cardboard inside. Grab towels firmly, stoke until finished!!! (Nott sure exactly what the ice does, but it helps me shoot big loads!!)"

21. Open wide
"My favorite way to masturbate is to lie on my back, throw my legs over my head, and then pump the whole load right into my mouth. It tastes great and it is not too filling....Enjoy!"

22. Tie me up
"I tie my balls up real tight, at the base, and then jack off with baby oil. The feeling is intense. "

23. Not afraid of the dark
"My ultimate is to turn off all of the lights. Put soft music on the radio, put a blindfold and hood over my head so that I'm in total darkness and with silk panties in hand slowly stroke till I'm about to cum. Stop awhile and then do it again. Rubbing my entire body, cock and balls, I can imagine anything. After about 30-45 min, I'm ready to cum, and so when it happens it is so intense that it lifts me off of the bed. My only regret is that I waited till I was 50 to discover it."

24. Stealth Masturbation:
Now this might be kind of hard but it. Grease your hair. (really) Works best with long hair. and yes the hair on your head. Then bend down REALLY FAR. Stick your cock in your hair put on some rock music and head bang. This is the MAXIMUM PLEASURE EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

25. A little help from your friend
"Ask your partner to masturbate you. She should lube her both hands nicely, and then start stroking the penis from the head to the lower end making sure that the thumbs of both of her hands are sliding on the back of your penis. The more tightly she massages the more heavenly the pleasure is...."

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