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An ass-full

I love to stick dildos up my ass or something with a round head. I keep using bigger ones. I leave it in and go about my day. I wear panties that are tight enough in the back that it will hold the object in my ass for as long as I want. Everything you feels better, especially driving (with the vibrations and bumps). After a few hours of great pleasure, I slide the object in and out of my anus while jerking off.

Candle holder

I like to take a long, slim candle, put it in my ass and shove it in and out. At first I go slowly but then a little faster. While I do this I rub my clit. It gives a GREAT orgasm!

Doctor's orders

I just visited the doctor and she put her finger in my butt and she moved it around. It felt good. Since then I tried it myself while using a vibrator on my clit. Very nice.

Cold carrot

I masturbate two to four times a day, usually with my fingers, but sometimes I grab a cold carrot and slide it in my ass. I've even rubbed my sister's teddy bear all over my pussy without telling her. It's okay, she does the same with my pillows.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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