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Tight Friction

Sometimes when I am work I get so uptight I need to have some personal pleasuring to get me though. I work in an office and so I am dressed up with skirt and jacket, tights, etc. But I have over the years found I can orgasm by pressing my legs together when I am wearing tights if I am really randy. But usually it is enough to feel the start of pleasure building even if I have to go the bathroom and finish myself off.

Not just another day at the office

For a couple of days before my period starts, I am so horny I can't stand it. My office is at the end of a hall, so sometimes on my horny days I'll begin masturbating in my office. I start by lightly brushing my nipples through my blouse and bra until they're standing up, then I'll push my bra up so I can play with my nipples through the fabric of my blouse. I don't allow myself to touch any other part of my body except my nipples, which are very sensitive.

A big part of the excitement is knowing that someone could walk in on me at any time. Finally I reach up under my blouse and pat, caress, rub, and squeeze my nipples until my cunt and clit are hot and throbbing. At this point I go to the bathroom and finish myself off by massaging my clit with my hot cunt juices and plunging my fingers into my overflowing pussy. The orgasm I get is incredible! My nipples are tingling and my cunt is aching just writing this.

Another day at the orifice

I like to close my office door and get online and read erotic sex stories and look at naked beautiful women. It gets me so wet I can smell my sweet juices. Then I put my hand up my skirt and rub my clit through my panties which are soaking wet. Then I dive one, two, and then three fingers into my sopping pussy and pump them in and out, in and out, smelling my juices and pulling on my nipples with my other hand. Finally I get down on all fours, with my ass in the air and with my fingers in my pussy I rock back and forth humping my fingers as they ram in and out of me...this drives me wild, and I cum over and over and over with my juices sliding down my legs and onto my office rug. Knowing that my coworkers could hear me moaning makes me even wetter.

Keeping busy at work

What I do is when I am really bored at work and thinking of my husband (a long-haired sexy motherfucker), I masturbate right at my desk (I'm a receptionist). Just the thought of students (adults) coming by at any time for a break or the instructor coming out or my boss calling and asking me a question, really gets me going. Plus for the rest of the day I can slightly smell my pussy juices and wonder if anyone else can. It's quite erotic if you ask me!

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