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Three sheets to the wind

I like to use the sheets on my bed to masturbate. Satin sheets are best to use. Roll your sheet up or scrunch it into a big long cylinder shape then pass one end through your legs. Standing is best for this then start pulling the sheet back and forth between your legs. It is best to lube your vagina first. The feeling of friction against your pussy lips and clit will make you cum over and over again. Leave your cum on the sheets as it acts as lube if you want to keep on going.


I roll a quilt up so I looks like a long sausage and then jump on going as fast or as slow as I like. This brings me to orgasm very fast

So comforting

Make your pussy wet by rolling up your bed comforter and wrapping it between your legs. With you being on top just start fucking it by moving your wet and throbbing pussy up and down or left and right. If it gets too intense you can start rubbin your clit with your fingers. This works best for me.

Grab the blanket

I usually keep my clothes on while I do this because it is easier for your clit to slide back and forth. First I usually rub my nipples till they are hard and then I take a blanket and fold it in half and stick it in between my legs. Then you hold the blanket on each side and rib your pussy back and forth and your orgasm usually comes within 30 seconds to a minute.

This works for her

I like to take a blanket and either sit in a chair or lie on something(the bed, the floor, the couch, etc.) Then I put the blanket between my legs and sit or lie on one end and then pull up on the other end of the blanket while thrusting up. It may take a few minutes but it's the only thing that works for me, and it works awesomely. Or if I don't have a blanket I like to do the same thing with my pants zipper or pants seam if there's no zipper. I like to do this fully clothed, whether I have a blanket or not.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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