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Warm and wet

I've found that using a plastic pop/water bottle filled with warm water works great when you want to build up to your orgasm. Simply place the bottle between your legs and squeeze your legs together and rock back and forth while you touch your breasts or read an erotic story or even look at adult pictures. Your pleasure builds up till you orgasm. It feels great!

Deep hydration

I take an empty bottle of water, where the bottom is ridged, and I put Vaseline on over the ridged part, and I hold the bottle by the drinking part and rub it on my clit and when I reach climax I either stop and stick the nozzle in me and play around for awhile or rub harder and harder until I soak the bottle.

Drink up

I masturbate by getting the head of a drink bottle and putting it in my pussy. I then fill it up with lukewarm water and when I'm just about to come, I squirt the water as hard as I can against my clit.


Pocket Pussy

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