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Furniture fun

Use the corner of a dresser or chest. Place a pillow on the corner and set yourself up on it so that your vagina is right on top of the corner. Then lift your feet off the floor using only your hands to keep your balance. Then just start to sway up and down...the feeling is incredible!!


I get on the computer and record myself on the web cam playing with myself. I tease myself every time I'm close to cumming and when I do I burst, then stop recording, then watch it over and over again. It's so good.

Take a picture

I take pictures of myself while playing with my pussy by setting the camera on a timer. It turns me on big time because I imagine I'm masturbating and the whole world knows what I am doing.

I also love to flash at passing vehicles when I'm a passenger in a car! I press my breast against the window or I spread at the open window knowing everyone is staring but no one knows who I am, so who cares? Then my driver speeds up soon after!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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