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Riding on the storm

Something I find that's great is to use a long candlestick and a garden-variety back massager. Put a couple pillows on a flat surface and straddle them. Put the massager under your clit and the candle deep into your pussy and ride off into the sunset. It is great.


When I'm horny and there's no guys around I like to get a candle and tease myself w/ it I slowly put it in and out of my wet pussy then go faster after you did it once you be sure to use it again...if you do put the candle in the freezer and freeze it then take it out whenever you need it and pleasure yourself more after you do that take a candle again put on in your pussy and one in your anal it feels great and you be cummin so fast you wont notice because you're having a great time

"Push, rotate, and squeeze

Using a candle is a great way that I stimulate my clit. I stick into me, and gently push it in and out while rotating my hips. As I come to higher levels, I tighten and squeeze my thighs to make the penetration seem more real.

Rock the candle

When no one is home I get a plain unscented candle and lube it up. I stick this into my pussy and pump up and down slowly. Then I take a vibrator and rub that on my clit. I usually do this sitting up in a rocking chair. I start to rock and the candle is hitting my G-spot while the vibrator works my clit. I can orgasm every time by using this method. I highly recommend it.

Candle in the dark

I take those really thick, long candles and place a condom over it, then I insert into my vagina and get out my vibrator and place it on my clit. Then pump the candle in and out while occasionally moving the vibrator on and off my clit. I mean, damn, it's nice. You need to try it. Also, instead of candles the end of a pool stick works great too...the thick end, that is.

Make-your-own dildo

Well, I'm an Asian girl. We hardly find a dildo or anything which is easy for us to masturbate but with this idea we can fulfill our fantasy. First of all get a condom and candles. Burn the candle and put the wax inside the condom. Get it full inside the condom, so after it's hardened, it's shaped smoothly like a cock. If you wanna masturbate imagine it as a dildo and don't forget to put condom on it before using it. It's really good.

Waxy love

I often use a candle as a dildo. It gets warm and takes the form of your vagina. I use it when I'm really horny. With one hand, I rub my clit or just tap on it on the most sensitive side and with the other hand, I slide the candle into me. Put baby oil or lubricant on it before. Move it as you feel the most exciting for your, doing the shovel or just in and out movements. It feels like a real!!!! I really like it!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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