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Riding in my car

The best place I've ever masturbated was in a parking lot after dark in my car. I took my vibrator and used it...just knowing I could get caught made the orgasm WILD!

Horny passenger

I really like to apply kama sutra love oils on my clit and lips to warm up. In the car with someone else driving, I cross my left leg over my right an I can ease my right hand just under my thigh and feel the heat between my legs. As I arch my back and quietly knead my thigh, I build to a fantastic orgasm. Usually if the driver catches me, they are turned on but sometimes won't say anything. Other times, I will uncross my legs, lean back and move my hand back around to the front. We can then both enjoy watching me rub under my panties until I cum again and again!

Stuck in traffic

I masturbate often, but recently started something new. Stuck in rush hour traffic I got horny and wouldn't be home for an hour. I had a skirt on and just started rubbing my clit over my underwear. I got so hot I removed my undies at the next light and went to town! I was really a turn on to be fingering myself with people so close!

Nice ride!

When I feel particularly horny, and my husband won't be home soon enough to satisfy my craving for something big and hard in my pussy, I park my car in the garage, leaving the radio on and the 5-speed stick in neutral. I play with my clit until I'm really wet, then ease myself onto the stick, letting the emergency break handle rub me at the same time. I begin working the stick to the beat of the music until I feel like I'm going out of my mind! Now who says 5-speeds are too hard to drive?

Road show

I love to masturbate in the car while my husband drives. I open my blouse and hike my skirt while removing my panties. By now, my clit is huge and my pussy is dripping. I use a cucumber or whatever else is at hand and fuck my pussy for hours. I particularly like it when he pulls up close to a trucker, then drives alongside. My pussy gets soooooo wet knowing that I am teasing the trucker. I occasionally peek to see the smile on his face and the dick in his hand. I try to hold off on cumming, but finally I am pushed over the edge and scream out in pleasure. As I do, I open my eyes to see my husband with his dick out and cumming too. We have to stop at a roadside park to clean up and hopefully fuck if no one is there. We have found some very secluded places along the highway to finish the job several times.

5-speed manual

When I am taking a long drive, I find that the time goes by faster if I rub myself and play with my clit. A couple of times I even drove topless -- truckers love that. Well, last trip I was getting real hot so I decided to masturbate. With one hand on the wheel and one down my pants I started to rub and rub, then the most amazing thing happened. My right knee hit the stick shift of my car and it sent a thrill up my leg...instant vibrator. It was invigorating. Since then I have been able to reach that same place three times. You have to love the 5 speed manuals!

Traffic jam

I live in a big city, and every time I try to come home from work there's always lots of traffic, and I'm alone. I always bring something like a candy tube and I have oil in my bag, so I oil it up and rub my clit. I always wear skits to work so I just put whatever I have in my pussy and pump it. Just the feeling of people being around me makes me so horny, I reach my climax in no time. It's so great. Damn, I love it.

Driving in the slow lane

The best masturbation sessions I've had were when I masturbated while outdoors or driving. I wear a short dress with no panties and pull it up to expose my pussy while driving. I rub my clit and finger myself driving in the slow lane and hoping a trucker will see me getting myself off. I also like to drink a lot of water and wait until I have to pee real bad. Then I stroke my clit until my pussy is wet. I pull into a rest area towards the back by the picnic tables. I sit on the edge of the table with my dress pulled up and pee right out in public, then I lean back just a bit and rub my clit and finger my cunt until I have an explosive orgasm.

Freeway frenzy

I love to drive my boyfriend's convertible on the freeway, and when I'm driving, I'll take my bra off and start touching my nipples like crazy until I know someone is watching me. Then I pull my shirt back down and wait until I get home to fuck myself. It's even more fun when my boyfriend is driving, because I just take all of my clothes off and fuck myself going down the freeway. Then my boyfriend's hard-on just calls my name, so I blow him till he spills his wad, and that gets me so hot that it only takes a couple of minutes with my fingers in my pussy to get me to cum again.

Morning commute

I like the intensity of knowing that someone might find me pleasuring myself, so I keep a medium-size vibrator in my car. When I am on my way to work and I am feeling a little tired, I unbutton my pants and slide it in over my clit. If you are shy about someone seeing you this will not be for you, because big trucks can see right in. They usually love to see it so much that I slow down so they can see the grand finale. I am wide awake by the time I get work. It's amazing.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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