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Running water

My boyfriend is away at college so I found that when I take a bath I can lie on my back and scoot down till the faucet hits my clit and the water never stops. (It's even better to go from hot to cold and back again.) I cum forever and still had shock waves 5 minutes after.

So close yet oh so far

I live in a dormitory and when there are many people outside my door I find it more exciting to stick an object into my vagina and move it in and out faster and faster. Of course by the time I play with my nipples and go mad, just thinking that there are some people outside but they can't see that beautiful sex game!

She's a tease

I like to slowly tease myself by teasing myself all day then when I get back to my dorm I rub oil on my shaved pussy. I like to watch myself in the mirror. My little nipples get so hard. I open my lips with one hand then rub my clit with the other. Right when I am going to cum, I stop and keep doing it till I can't take it.


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