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Put on a show

I love to masturbate in front of my boyfriend because I know he loves to watch. The thing is, I love it so much, I just get him to rub his cock while he watches. I start by stroking my pussy through my panties and fondling my breasts. Then as I get wet I slide my fingers inside my pussy and gently masturbate my juicy pussy until I come.

Including the bf

When I was younger I used to move my hands back and forth on my pussy fist over fist---I had my first orgasm when I was 8. Around 16 years old I learned how to use my pointer and index finger to do the same. Kneel, spread your legs and lean your back against the wall. Rub like crazy until you feel yourself peak then back this like 4 times and you are guaranteed to cum all over the place. The best is to do this with a guy/girl's face in between your legs and have them suck your clit as you orgasm. My boyfriend and I have done this many times. He's like an extra for my personal fun. I love to masturbate in front of him. Especially in the car while he's driving....this is guaranteed to make anyone wild!

Watch me

I love when my boyfriend watches me masturbate, it's really exciting, specially if I tease him and do it slowly, plus he gets REALLY horny so the sex after is fantastic!

Cock rub

My hubby and I make love with me on top. After he has reached orgasm and his penis has gone limp I take the head of it and rub it real hard on my clit. As I'm really turned on and it is so slippery I can masturbate to orgasm within minutes.

Wake him up

Have your lover lay on his tummy. Lay on your tummy as well beside him. Take his hand (palm side up) and place it under you pussy and commence to humping the hell out of it or gently moving around on it (whatever you prefer). I think you'll get more of a response from him with the latter of the two. Moaning is definitely a turn on. It will make you cum so fast simply from the thrill of masturbating next to him knowing that you are using his hand. It may even turn him on enough that he wakes up and want to ravish you for being so kinky.

Cum covered

I like to masturbate after having sex with my husband, I'm still wet and his cum is smeared all around my clit, which makes me even more hot.

One very busy couple

My husband and I love masturbating together (or having sex if we can get away with it) in risky places. One of our favorite things to do is ""dress for a date."" We dress up for dinner and make sure we're ""easily accessible."" He wears no underwear. I wear non-piercing clit jewelry, no panties, and a skirt. The jewelry feels so erotic hanging down my thighs, caressing them and reminding me that I am bare.

We deliberately go to upscale places and sit in areas where we can sit and covertly get off. It turns me on to get off in some uppity snobbery. Fuck the food. The attraction is doing it where no one would believe you would dare.

I love to look into my man's eyes as he slowly, silently jacks off in some nice cafe, his cock discreetly blocked by the table cloth and napkin. He'll start off by unzipping his pants, and lubing the head. Then he quietly strokes and pumps all through dinner. His eyes glaze and his breathing is a little ragged as he climaxes, but he can still keep it a secret to everyone but me.

I carry an oversized sweater, which I drape over my lap, so I can hike up my skirt and play with my clit and pussy until I cum. It drives HIM wild when I clean my pussy fingers, in between climaxes, by sucking off my own juices. He catches his cum in one of my silk scarves, which I then wear around my neck for the rest of the evening. I LOVE the smell of his semen. The more times he climaxes, the more cum I get to inhale. It totally gets me off.

We also love to find a secluded spot in a public park -- mostly after dark, where we sit facing each other and masturbate. If it's possible, I open my blouse so he can see my hard nipples. I love to watch him shoot his wad wildly into the air, letting it land wherever.


My boyfriend and I like to masturbate together. We get where we can watch each other and I start with a cock-shaped dildo while he pumps his cock up. That really turns me on. Then I move to a G-spot vibrator and play with my clit. I watch all the time as he rubs his cock up and down, and as he shoots his load that usually triggers a great cum for me. Once he can get it up again anything goes.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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