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updated 2/16/05

Danger: Using a hot curling iron for anything other than curling your hair is EXTREMELY dangerous. In fact, ALL of the techniques described below are potentially dangerous.

It will curl your hair

I use a hair curler. Its ridges feel really good. Anyone who doesn't believe me should try it. It will bring ejaculatory orgasms even if you don't normally have them. *WARNING: Make sure the hair curler is cooled off and unplugged.

Hair curling

I lie down on my stomach and arch my ass up as if I were taking it from the back, then I slide an oversized curling iron up my vagina then place a pillow between my legs and ride on it, while squeezing my thighs together on the pillow (it makes the curling iron feel just like a dick). Eventually you get this awesome orgasm! Try it!

Fun at work

When I’m at work I have my own curling iron in the restroom. I go in there when I’m horny and stick it in my pussy. In and out it goes. I rub my clit hard until I have a major O. Feels great!

Go for the gold

I lay on my bed and I get my laptop and look at stories of horny lesbians masturbating. Once I feel myself become horny, I take my clothes off and begin pulling and twisting my nipples. Sometimes I like watching myself through a mirror. Then I place hair clips over my nipples so they hold on tight to the rock hardness while my hands are now free. I rub my hands over my body imagining female lovers fucking. Then I sometimes put sexy lingerie on and finger myself, but if I’m already too horny, I go right for the gold. I shove a 2-inch-wide curling iron up my pussy hole (using lube of course) and slowly fuck myself with it. Then when my clit’s aching and can’t take it anymore, I get my electric toothbrush and let it drill into my clit. I love orgasming, so I do it again and again. I can leave the toothbrush on for hours sometimes shooting cum all over my bed. Sometimes I get two out and let one drill a nipple and the other the clit. Try it and enjoy

Happy clit curling

This works perfect if the curling iron is about the same in diameter as a penis. I lay on my back and use the tip of the curling iron. First I play around to make myself wet. Then I insert the tip into my vagina and spread the wetness all around. I bring the tip of the iron out and in a circular motion I begin to harden my clit. It becomes smoother and easier to slide around. I begin slowly and work up a faster pace until I can feel it building up inside. (I have found if you stop completely right before you are about to orgasm, and count to 10 and begin again u get great results) HAPPY CLIT CURLING!

Night to remember

One night, after a night out at the club, I arrived home with my best girlfriend. We had gotten very drunk at the bar and decided to have a few shots before we went to bed. I don't remember exactly how it happened but a simple massage led to a night to remember. After fooling around for almost an hour, I see my curling iron that had been left on my bedside table. I then proceed to integrate it our lustful activities. It was perfect! I have since tried several different models and they are all perfect for my daily activities.

Keep riding it

I stick my biggest curling iron up my pussy and ride it while stroking my clit until I come. Make sure the iron is OFF or it could get pretty messy. After you come, keep riding it and you'll get the most fantastic aftershocks.

Pick your size

I take one of the really big curling irons. I put a condom over it and fuck myself really slow at first and then rub my clit. I fuck myself harder and harder until I cum. It really works great for me, and you have lots of sizes of curling irons to choose from.

I’ll do yours, you do mine

I have a really close friend who is a girl and one night we came home slightly drunk from a party. We then began masturbating on her bedroom floor using things like hairbrush handles and curling irons on each other. We then began touching each other, shoving our fingers in each other’s pussies and sucking on each other’s nipples. We both had the best orgasms of our lives from humping each other’s legs and shoving things in each other’s pussies. Ever since then we masturbate together on a regular basis.

Just like fucking

I start rubbing my pussy and my clit, sometimes fingering myself. When I finger myself, I use two fingers and rub the tips of them up against the walls of my pussy. When I'm wet and hot, I stick a curling iron (turned off, of course) up into me and fuck it while I rub my clit hard and fast until I cum. I swear, it feels like someone is fucking you!

Pillow play

whenever you want to masturbate, get two pillows and a curling iron. Lay on your back with one pillow under your head and the other pillow between your legs and put the curling iron in your pussy. Put your left leg all the way onto the pillow that’s between your legs. Remove your hands and move in and out just move your butt. Or get up, put the curling iron in your pussy, put the pillow around it and hump yourself

Ride the pillow

I put a cold large or medium curling iron in my vagina and place a pillow between my legs and squeeze my thighs together while riding the pillow. I come after about 10 minutes.

Breathtaking orgasm

First I take a large-barreled curling iron - you know, those big old fat metal ones - and slip a condom on it. While pushing it in and out of me, I take my electric toothbrush and touch it to my clit. When I am about to orgasm I take the electric toothbrush off and finish myself with just the curling iron and my index finger. It gets me off so good. Sometimes I even tease myself and stop just before I orgasm about 3-4 times. The "O" that I get is breathtaking.

Open wide

When I get really horny, I take an old curling iron and slowly rub it against my pussy and clit. This gets me wet enough so that I can insert it. Pushing it in and out like a cock feels great. I even push open the handle while it's inside me to make me feel fuller. It is the best orgasm ever.

Biggest I could find

I masturbate with any and everything. Lately I have been hotter than ever. My favorite new thing to stick my curling iron up in my hot little pussy. I got the idea one day, I was sooo horny while curling my hair and it was the biggest thing I could find. I also like to ram veggies into my pussy and rub them one my sweet little clit and taste my own sweet juice. Make sure the curling iron has a smooth edge. I like to put a condom on it.

DIY vibrator

I don't have a vibrator so I made one. I slide the barrel of a curling iron into my pussy and then rest the other end on a back massager that is turned on high. The vibrating in my pussy makes me cum right away.

Instead of a dildo

I like to improvise. Instead of ordering a dildo I use a curling iron (not hot, of course). I like the rubbing feeling on my clit. I just rub the curling iron up and down my clit. It feels so great! Every girl should try it. It's a must!

Handle makes it easy

if you really want to get off in a good way, do what I have been doing for 5 years now. I get a vibrator for putting directly on my clit. Then I take an old curling iron and use it as a dildo. It makes me feel warm and I bang myself like real sex. The handle makes it easier to go in and out of my pussy. It feels so good. When you are ready to cum, bang the curling iron hard into your pussy like never before and keep the vibrator on your clit for a good minute. That’s the best way I cum.

Cold steel

Take on large barrel curling iron, place it in the fridge for 5 minutes. Take it out, put in your pussy with lube. Then get your favorite vibrator and go to town. Let the cold iron and vibe hit each other. It totally blows your mind. I can do this for hours. It is leg-quivering great! Enjoy.

Hit the G-spot

Okay, one thing I tried is to use a curling iron (make sure its not on, duh). What you do is make sure you're nice and wet first, then gently slide the iron inside you. Since the metal is kinda cold, the feeling is amazing. After banging yourself with it for a while, turn it so that the handle is facing upwards and squeeze it like you'd open it to curl your hair. It feels really good because it hits your g-spot...oh yeah.

Push it out

Take a pot of nail varnish with a smallish rounded lid, and use it to slowly masturbate your clit. Also get a curling iron for your hair (make sure it’s not hot), lube it up and stick it in your pussy. Leave it in there while still masturbating your clit. Get faster and faster with your clit and when your pussy muscles contract it will push out your curling iron. Keep pushing them back in and you will be moaning in no time with the big O on its way!!!

Hit the clit

What I like to do is use a curling iron, of course not plugged in. Using whatever hand you use, push the curling iron inside your pussy with the handle hitting your clit. Or, have the handle facing away from you moving the curling iron in and out (it hits the back very nicely) rubbing on your clit has hard as you can. It makes you cum a lot more and it makes it all worth it when you reach an orgasm.

Wet and wild

Get a curling iron and put water on it. Open up your legs and if you’re not wet already put a few drops of water in your pussy. (Remember not to heat up the curling iron, OK!!) Then stroke the curling iron down and down your clit (do not go inside the vagina) with the metal part. Start out slow, then go intensely fast. It feels so great and makes you cum instantly.

Boyfriend substitute

When I get real horny and my boyfriend isn't around, I will take a curling iron and put a condom on it and use it as a dildo. It feels so great because it’s about the shape of a dick. Then I rub my clit while it goes in and out! The orgasm is AMAZING! ( Usually the Conair instant heat curling irons are the best.)

Spread it out

I like to use a curling iron (not plugged in!) as a dildo. I lay back and spread my legs wide apart. I start by teasing myself to get really excited. I rub the curling iron along my pussy and touch my clit until it gets big and hard. I tease myself until I'm dripping wet and then I insert the iron. The metal feels so cold at first and then heats up in my hot pussy as I fuck myself. It always makes me scream! The best part is that with the little lever part I can spread my pussy even more!

Curling iron

I plug in an oversized curling iron into the outlet and let it warm up, but DON'T GET IT TOO HOT! When you get it warm, unplug it, lie down and spread your legs, push it in and out and rub it on your clit too. It's so wonderful!

Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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