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Cyber sexcapade

I like to sign on to Yahoo and go to the men jacking off for women chat rooms. Once I'm in a room, I usually get a couple of invites to watch men on cam and I also can hear the microphone. After listening for a few minutes and watching a couple of men jacking off on camera I get my silver bullet out and get naked.

I start off my sexcapade with my toy on the lowest vibe and gradually increase it through my excitement. Then I time my orgasms to a man on camera or on the microphone. I usually come so hard that I make a wet spot on my chair.

Talk dirty to me

I have not had any type of sex with a man for two years so I seem to be horny all the time, Lately I am doing things I never thought I would do, like letting men talk dirty to me on the computer. I have been divorced twice and I really miss having a stiff one to suck once in a while. There is this one guy from England that is chatting with me and it really got hot the other night. I was letting him do all the talking while I pretended to be shocked. He would stop in the middle of telling me how he would like to lick me all over and ask ""do you want me to go on"" I would not answer so he just continued with telling me about all the dirty stuff he would like to do to me. Then he asked me again and I did not answer so he said that unless I wrote the words ""fuck me"" on the screen he would not continue. He had me so worked up that I had taking all my clothes off and had my soaking wet pussy spread open with the nearest thing I could find shoved in there. It was a hair brush handle (got the idea from masturbation tips at this site). I did not want him to stop so I hit the cap lock and typed in ""FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME ALL NIGHT LONG"". He began eating me out with his words, he was so good he had me rubbing my clit and pumping that hair brush until I exploded about three times in a row. I just typed in the words "" Thanks I needed that"" and logged off. For days now I have been doing the hair brush thing and I even had to lock my self in the bathroom at work in the middle of the day when my cunt would not stop dripping just thinking about his mouth all over my hungry twat. I better find mister right soon before I hurt my self.

Cyber Cum

I love chatting on the computer with my boyfriend and have him talk really dirty. I will rub my clit really hard. I tell him as I cum, and that makes it all worthwhile!


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