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Dildo play

I have a lifelike dildo. First I rub the length of it along my clit several times. I diddle my clit with the tip of the penis. Then I put the head at the entrance, and I push it in an inch at a time, saying ""oh"" with every inch. When it's all the way in, I remain still for several moments, savoring the way it feels, my pussy involuntarily clasping and releasing, clasping and releasing. Then I begin petting my pussy. The sensations are so pleasurable. I feel so stuffed I feel I will explode with joy. I am making high-pitched yodeling sounds, I don't know what the neighbors must think. I keep myself on the verge of orgasm for several minutes, and then I explode into an intense orgasm, letting out a loud bellow, my belly bucking wildly.

Close up pussy

I like to get naked, lie on my back and then swing my legs over my head so I can really see my pussy close up. Then I fuck myself with my dildo till I'm cumming. If I'm really lucky some will drip on my face.

Huge cock in me

I like to start by reading stories about other people masturbating or looking at some hard porn. Then when my pussy gets nice and wet I start to force my 12"" rubber dildo into my tight pussy. When I have it in all the way, I squat onto the mattress to keep it from slipping out and I hold a vibrator on my clit. The orgasm from this is so intense it takes 20 minutes to recover from it. There's nothing like having a huge cock in you when you cum.

Just going for a ride

I just read erotic stories and then I get a dildo and stare at the picture and I ride my dildo for 20 minutes.

Delightful dildo

I'm a virgin and plan to stay that way for a long time. So, when I get bored I do this. First, I read some of the stories on this site and get ideas. Then I strip, grab a waterproof vibrating dildo, and get into the tub, putting my butt against the wall and turning the water on full blast. I turn the dildo on vibrate and hold it to my clit and I have the most AMAZING orgasm. Try it, it's great.

Hard and fast

I go online to watch a little porn to get me in the mood. After I feel my pussy starting to get wet, I'll go to my bedroom, break out my super Kong dong, and without any lube I'll start rubbing it against my clit! Oooh, it feels so good! I let my own juices get the dildo wet. It has a set of balls on it too. I like the way it feels when it slaps my ass. Anyway, I thrust it hard and fast into my cunt until I'm ready to cum. This whole process can take anywhere from 5 min. to 15 min. Wow, if only I could find a real man to fuck me like that!

Cum like a rocket

When I am really in the mood I get out my vibrating egg and my acrylic dildo and hop into bed. I usually start by turning the egg on and rubbing it on my pierced clit. When I feel my pussy getting really wet I take the dildo and slide it into my pussy. I sit on a pillow and ride the dildo imagining I am fucking a cute little blonde's pussy until I'm right on the edge of cumming. Then I slide the soaking wet dildo out of my pussy and slide it up my ass. By the time I get it all the way into my tight little ass I'm ready to cum like a rocket. It feels great. I may have to go jump into bed now!!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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