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Nothing like a close shave

I take my husband's electric razor and take off the top part with the blades. There is this piece in the middle -- it is round and spins really fast. I get all wet, spread my legs and gently place it on my clit. Boy do I cum over and over. It is the best thing ever! Make sure that there are no blades in the razor -- take them off!

Shave me

No money for a vibrator?? OK, well, do like I do. Take an electric leg shaver and take off the blade. Under should be two prongs that when you turn on move back and forth really fast...clean off any hair and TA-DA!! Something that will make you cum in no time. I prefer to use a dildo at the same time. The shaver on my clit and the dildo in my pussy is the best way to get off when my husband in at work.

Epilady Ultra

I like to use an electric razor and move it up and down on my pussy and rub my clit slowly and lightly. I cum in about three minutes.

Good Vibrations

My brother's electric hair clippers work wonders! Just press it against your clit or wherever else turns you on and the vibrations will make you feel amazing.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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