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Cum together

I love to take my time! I lie on my back and spread my legs. I close my eyes and imagine a scenario - a gang bang, or seeing men jack off for or on me. I usually rub my pussy with my left hand and put my right index finger in my whole or even use my trusty silver vibrator. I gyrate up and down and in circles and imagine I am getting fucked by my spouse or a strange man or men. I squeeze my nipples, hump my hand faster and faster and I time my real orgasm to the fantasy men's and as I flex my hips and lift my ass off the bed, we all cum together!

Sweet spots

My husband is the greatest lover. He pays attention to all the places that matter, but is particularly dedicated to clit play. I always feel I should share his talent with other women, so when I masturbate I often fantasize that he is fingering, licking or gently sucking on some other woman's clit. When my kitty is hot and wet from imagining him make some other woman moan, I turn on my vibrator and gently rub it around my outer lips. In my fantasy about my husband, he is usually about to have his other woman sit on his hard cock. I get my horse-sized dildo then and begin to sit on it myself while moving the vibrator closer and closer to my clit. By this time I'm dripping wet and moaning loudly myself. As the woman in my fantasy fucks my husband, I ride up and down on that big shaft. As I begin to come, I picture my man shoving his thick hard cock up his woman's tight ass. The orgasm I have when I cum is so intense that I often squirt and I am usually spent for a few hours. I lay back and enjoy the after contractions and gently rub my hard clit and relax.

"Quick, easy, and hot!

I start just with fantasies. Then, I'll put my finger in my mouth and then I start touching my body down, directly to my clit. With the other hand I touch my tits. Then I start moving very soft up and down, and then I move my hand from my clit to my vagina. It makes me wet! Then I just make a lot of fantasies in my mind and I don't stop until I have the orgasm. It's an easy and simple way, but it is so hot!

"Faster pussycat, cum, cum!

Sometimes I'll turn off all the lights and think of another female going down on me. Then all rub my clit building from really slow to as fast as I can. Try it sometime. It makes your eyes roll to the back of your head and you quiver for what seems like forever.

Music to her ears

I am definitely not a lesbian, but when I masturbate, I get horny by fantasizing about Britney Spears in a sexual way.

What's the roommate up to?

Well, now that I have my own apartment, I masturbate every chance that I get. I will lie in bed and just start rubbing my clit until it gets so hard. Then I like to lick my own nipples, so I bring them to my mouth and flick them with my tongue. I often wonder what my roommate is doing when she sleeps and I picture her going down in between my legs and pleasuring me with her tongue. That thought sends me over the edge and I come right on my fingers. It feels so good.

While hubby sleeps

I like to read lesbian sex stories online at night when my husband is sleeping on the bed. I'll lay out my floor mattress and read away. I'll rub my titties and pretend I'm being seduced by a very sexy woman. When I can't take the throbbing of my pussy anymore, I'll pull my pussy lips up and apart and push my clit into the mattress until my pussy lips are being held apart by the mattress. I move my hands and pretend we're grinding clits and hump it till my pussy creams all over. I'm getting horny just thinking about it.

Sometimes I'll let out a little moan and my husband will move around and sometimes wake up and wonder why I'm breathing so heavy. If he only knew my pussy was still throbbing from just cumming all over my self a few seconds before. It makes me so wet and horny I want to cum over and over until my clit is numb.

Love those panties

I love to masturbate in other people's houses. The other day my friend left me alone in her house and I got so horny that I went into her bathroom and pulled out a pair of her used panties from her laundry basket. I sniffed and licked them and masturbated my pussy with her panties. Mmmm, this made me cum real hard.

Woman of her dreams

Reading these stories gets my cunt so juicy I can hardly stand it. I like to wear a tight shirt and bring my tits out the neck hole so they're squeezed together. Then I start rubbing my nipples while fantasizing about being with another woman (in my dreams only). By this time my juices are flowing so I start to rub my clit wishing that same woman was sucking it hard. I want to feel another woman sucking my nipples and wearing a strap-on dildo to fuck me until I'm screaming.

I'm so horny right now I can't stand it, but writing this story is making me even more horny. I also love to fantasize about my husband jerking off his big hard dick even though I can't stand him. I wish I could see another guy shoving his dick up his ass while my husband jerks his cock into oblivion. God, am I going to cum now. I hope this made you feel good.


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