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Massager with panties on

I like to lie on a pillow with some type of massager on top of the pillow, especially the one than moves in a circular motion. I only wear a panty, this intensifies the feeling. Not wearing one will make your clit too sensitive. I move slowly back and forth while the massager is spinning, and at the same time, I am watching myself in a mirror. It feels awesome and I have a prolonged orgasm and I can feel the warm cum just squirting out of my pussy.

Screaming good

I start by reading stories like these to get me horny. When I feel that I'm wet enough, I do a slow strip in front of the mirror. I start by taking off my bra and pulling my nipples to make them hard. I take off my panties and slowly rub my clit while talking dirty to myself, which makes me wetter. I then lie on the floor in front of the mirror with legs wide apart. When I'm wet enough I put two fingers inside my pussy and act like there's a hard dick fucking me.

With my other hand I still feel my breasts, occasionally giving my clit a rub. I carry on fucking myself, sometimes pulling my fingers out to taste my juices or to insert an object like a hairbrush handle. When I feel like I'm going to cum I press hard on my G-spot, letting my cum squirt everywhere. The orgasm is so amazing that I scream with pleasure.

Neighborhood Watch

I love to lay on my bed with my blinds open when my neighbor is mowing his yard. I spread my legs as far as I can like I am being tied and I play with my pussy while my neighbor watches. I act like I don't know he can see me, but he can. I cum so hard and my clit swells up and I squirt my juices.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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