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Two fingers deep

I like to lie with my legs open as far as possible then I get 2 fingers, push them right up and begin to pump them in and out,then I use my other hand to push my 2 fingers up further. Then I take that hand away and start to gently touch my nipples and pull at them while pumping 2 fingers in and out. I start to buck my pussy forward while doing this (more pleasure) and as I buck my pussy forward I rub my G-spot sooooooo hard that I start to let out moans and have the best orgasm ever. It leaves my pussy sooooooooooooooo hot and wet.

Lick and tease

I love to tease myself by licking the top of my pointer finger and then slowly work my way on my tits around to my nipples. It drives me crazy, then I go down to my pussy, which is wet by now, and this whole time I imagine a guy is doing this to me. I rub my clit until I am almost to me climax, then I put a dildo in me and I moved it around and try to find my G-spot and then I have the best orgasm!!!!

Pat and rub

If I want to take my time to climax, I like to just patting my pussy with one of my hands for a while until it starts getting nicely warm and wet. Then I take my hands and rub my nipples in a circle motion till it gets hard, when I can't take it anymore, I just dip about 3 fingers into my vagina and start rubbing all over until I hit my G-spot. My other hand is busy playing with my clitoris or I continue playing with my nipples until I just have got to cum!! If I want to cum faster, I just use my vibrator on my clitoris and then just stick my fingers into my pussy and that just makes me cum in a few minutes!

Vibrator collection

I love my vibrators. I use a dildo shaped cone with the end propped against pillows that I insert a tiny bit into my pussy until it hits my G-spot, then I turn the vibration on slowly. I haven't touched my clit yet. After I start to feel wet, I turn on my ""massager"" I got at the local K-Mart for $19.95 and place it, full power, against my exposed clit. I gyrate against the inserted dildo, moving it around my G-spot and move the ""massager"" rapidly in circles on my clit. Nothin' like it!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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