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Armchair reading

When I read stories like this in front of my computer I sit on one of the chair's arm rests and start humping it.

Have a seat

I find that sitting on the corner of a chair and just moving back and forth and up and down works really good! I always cum off it!

Sit on it

I love to hump a chair when I'm horny. I straddle it and grind slowly into one corner of it and soon enough I reach an orgasm. It is my favorite way to masturbate!

Couch potato

When I'm alone in the house I like to sit on the top of my couch and rub back and forth. It's better when your couch is in front of an open window. The excitement of getting caught gives the greatest climax.

Couch back

When I'm all alone I put on a really hot sex movie. I get naked and watch it for a while without touching anything. It drives me crazy. That I get behind the couch (you will need a low couch) and bang the corner of the back. It's just as high as my clit!! I spread my legs a little and my wet lips are rubbing the couch. It feels so good. It's like you're a man fucking somebody.

Riding the Vibrations

I love to sit in front of my computer and get comfy in my leather chair. I hop onto this web site and read the stories without touching anything. I wrap a condom on my vibrator and slather on some motion lotion. I ride the vibrator and within five minutes I have an intense orgasm and can't even walk for the next fifteen minutes! I also cover the metal arm rest with the motion lotion, then blow on it and ride so hard I start crying with this orgasm.

Wonder Chairs

When I was younger, I started to rub against the edge of an office chair, or an arm of a couch, and it felt really good. Then as I got bigger, I moved up to armrests of office chairs and couches. Talk about multiple orgasms, plus you get insanely wet, especially when you think about the guy you like giving the orgasms to you....

Armchair lover

Try rubbing your pussy on the arm of a chair until you have an orgasm. It feels really great.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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