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Sneaky secret

Take an old T-shirt and roll it up. Stick it down your pants until it is directly under your pussy, making sure your pants are buttoned all the way up and zipped. This allows for more constant pressure (makes the orgasm great!). Lie down on your stomach and hold it in place with your hands while you rock back and forth on it. It can be done anywhere, and all you have to do is wash the T-shirt afterwards. This is great if you don't want anyone to find out.

Opening doors

Grab the handles of your door knob and grasp the door between your legs while pushing up on the door at the same time and you will get the most amazing feeling!

Knock knock

I stand legs apart near a door and hold each knob with one hand. I lean against the door and let my clit rub against the door. Start slowly and then increase the pace. The orgasm is great!

Lamp lighter

I go into my room and take everything off. I grab a wooden, square lamp post and hump it until I can't stand it. It feels great.

Try this at home

I read these stories or any masturbation or sex stories while rubbing my clit with one finger. When I feel my orgasm start I slow down until the feeling has gone. I do this for a while then I move into my bathroom and take my clothes off and push myself against the tiled wall. The coldness feels great, and if you lean back and move your hips in a circle you'll cum in no time. Try it!

Serta Perfect Sleeper

I find it impossible to make myself cum from using my fingers, so I use the corner of my mattress, works a treat! I kneel on the floor at the corner, and then lift myself onto the bed so I'm balancing on the corner on the front of my pelvis. Then I just rub. Takes me a while to get it right but I can cum really quickly.

Bed me

I have a 4-post bed at home, and the knobs on the tops of the post are shaped like the head of a big fat cock. I love to lube up, put a condom on one of the posts, and sit on it. It's so fat and fits deep into my throbbing pussy. Then I push play on the VCR and start to watch the live video feed I rigged up in the room. Once I'm good and ready, I start to slide up and down, and up and down and up and down on the post, and watch myself on the tv while I rub my slippery clit with one hand and rub my hard nipples with the other. I get off so much and so intensely this way! Watching this is such a huge turn on and recording it is fun too! When my husband sees it he can barely control his cock. He blows his wad right on my clit!!! It's so erotic!!

Wash up

I like to use the edge of the wash basin. Make sure it is clean. Open your pussy and bend down and stick it in the edge of the wash basin. Massage it against the wash basin by gyrating in circular motion. Your pussy will get wet and you will know when you're cum. it gives me an intense orgasm and I enjoy it very much. Try it.

Desk Slide

I have parents who don't knock before they enter, so when I masturbate I usually put on a skirt with no panties (that way if they interrupt they can't tell). Then I open my lips and place my clit on the corner of my desk. I take my feet off the floor and place my hands on the other side of the desk. I pull myself up and slide back. Every now and then I squeeze my legs together until I get an orgasm.

Tree climaxer

When I lived with my parents, we had a large. We had a tennis court, a mini-playground, and many, many, trees. My parents were always on business trips, so we used to hire people to take care of me and my step brother who's five. There's this huge white birch tree with one of its thicker branches sticking down, I used to just sit there, but later I started rocking back and forth on it, and it felt really good. I was only 7 back then. When I got older, I used it as sex toy, and sometimes I even took my undies off. My step brother couldn't see me because the leaves fill around the trees. It feels really, really, good, and INSTANT orgasms. Try it!!! It also works on footboards, futon arm rests, and monkey bars!

Remote on the floor

When I am all alone at home and there is no way to be caught this is my favorite thing to do! Take a remote control and put it on the ground. Position yourself on the remote so your vagina is right on top of it. Move your body side to side and up and down on the remote so that your vagina is rubbing on it. It feels soooo good, you should really try it!

Get cornered

I put some moisturizing cream on the corner of the counter. Then I watch myself get naked and go and sit on it and move in every way. It is the greatest feeling ever!


Pocket Pussy

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