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Hair brush

I like to stick the handle of my brush in my pussy. I then like to slowly rub my clit until I can't bear it. But before my orgasm I like to use one hand rubbing my clit and the other moving my brush in and out of my pussy so it acts like a dick fucking me.

Clit comb

For girls who like their clits stimulated--take a comb and rub the side of the comb along your clit. I have a nice comb with a ribbed handle, so when I get close to cumming by rubbing the edge, I shove the handle in me and pump myself to finish the job. The ribbing of the comb feels fantastic.

Rub and pinch

I like to first start out rubbing my clit and pinching my nipples. I sometimes watch a movie about sex before hand. I try to do it all by myself but I usually have to use a dildo (such as a hair brush.) I usually cum after just a few minutes. I do this several times and the orgasm is great!

Multi-part play

First I play with my tits, sucking the nipples giving myself love bites and things. Then I go and have a quick slide on the bath. I then take my hairbrush handle put it in my vagina and pull it in and out at top speed suddenly thrusting it in and doing interesting things with that. I then take my toothbrush and brrr it around my clit finishing off with some stroking and slapping. I also love to use carrots up my vagina sometimes.

Hair brush and Vaseline

My boyfriend is gay, so that leaves the sex pleasure to myself. I take a brush and put Vaseline on it. Stick it in your pussy and twist it. Then squeeze your clit hard. If you get a ""feeling"" take out the brush and do it over again. When you finally can't resist, you should cum easily.

Handle this

Buy a Curl-me hairbrush (the round brushes that are supposed to add volume to your hair) and use the rubberized handle. The name of the brush is printed on raised letters on the handle, and if you know where your G-spot is, you can have amazing orgasms by rubbing the letters against it!

My personal orgy

I massage my clit with two fingers until my pussy is all wet then I take one of those fingers to spread my juices over my clit and then around my anus. Then I insert a hairbrush into the edge of my anus after wetting it with my saliva. Then I flick my clit hard back and forth while fingering my pussy and holding the brush in place. I cum so hard, it's like my personal orgy.

Long Brush

I have a rounded hairbrush with a rubber handle. I use the handle end as a dildo, sliding it in and out of me. It has a ridged handle, so the texture feels really nice, but I also have another more creative use for the brush. I put on 2 sets of panties for a little protection, and then I rub the brush end up and down my pussy. That usually only works once I've already been stimulated a little, but it feels intense and makes for an interesting orgasm.

Toy box

First I rub my clit to get it wet, then I wet my fingers with my juice and use 4 fingers to poke myself. Next, I use a hairbrush and hump my pillow.

Naughty naughty pussy!

I like to spread my pussy open really wide and run my fingers all around until I get wet. Then I play with my clit by spanking it and rubbing it until I cum. Sometimes I put my hairbrush handle in my pussy and wiggle it as I am rubbing the outside vulva and my clit until I cum...I am wet just thinking about it!

A good read

I like to masturbate when reading stories like this. I take a hairbrush and stick it right in my pussy. It's good.

Personal grooming

I put a hairbrush in my pussy and move it in and out real fast. While I'm doing that I put an electric toothbrush on my clit. It always brings me to an orgasm! Enjoy!

Stop and go

Well, first something gets me all wet and feeling nasty. After I feel wet in my panties, I get my brush and I take off all of my clothes and talk dirty to myself. I put the brush handle in my pussy and I fuck myself hard. When I start dripping I take it out and spread my legs and rub on my clit. I rub it until I start feeling like I'm about to explode, then I stop for a second and rub my nipples. I start up again and build up until I am going to cum again. I repeat that until my pussy juices start dripping down to my ass and even to the floor and until I start drooling and I just cannot take it anymore. And I cum so hard.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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