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Hottest dog

I take a hot dog and heat it in the microwave (for only 5 or so seconds.) It's nice and hot. Then I usually lay down on my back, sliding the hot dog in and out of my pussy. It's great!

Hot diggety dog

Take a hot dog wiener and put it in the microwave for about 20-40 seconds, depending on how warm you want it. Then take the warm wiener and rub your clit with it. Then go back and forth rubbing your clit and putting it in your pussy. The warmth of the hot dog makes me go wild.

Fries with that?

I like to masturbate by first twisting my nipples for about two minutes. Then I take a raw hot dog and wiggle it on my clit until pressure builds. Then I start to shove it up and down in my vagina. It feels wondrous.


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