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Jet set

I sit in my parents' spa sometimes; I find if you stick your pussy against the jets you'll get a fantastic orgasm! The harder the jets the better!!! I like turbo!

Jacuzzi jet

I have access to a Jacuzzi, the kind with all the jets. There are two ways you can do it: 1. get real close to the jet, if you can get your vagina on top of the jet, it's best, then turn them on, it pulses through you like nothing else can. Unlike the steady stream of a faucet, this kind of bubbles and swooshes around inside you. I can only stay on the jet for about a minute or two before I come and am completely used up. You can move up and down and the jet massages your clit and pussy. Plus the wider your legs are open the better, it allows the water to go all the way in. 2. You can screw your ass and it feels great. A hot-tub works just as well. You can do this several times and get off each time. I love it. I now look forward to taking baths! This method works better than anything else. Better than a cock, dildo, whatever.

Hot Jets

I put my clit against the jets in my parents’ hot tub. It takes about a minute for me to climax, and it feels so good.

Pump up the volume

I have a Jacuzzi tub with 6 jets. I can roll on my side and position my pussy and asshole to the side jets and adjust the pressure from slow to fast. I turn the radio up so my husband doesn't hear me scream during orgasm.

Hot jets

I usually like to go in my hot tub and pull back the crotch part of my bathing suit and put my clit directly on the jet. It feels so good. It's even better when there's people in with you. I just put my face under water when I'm about to cum so they don't notice.

"Hot tub, hot times

I get in the hot tub and position myself so my pussy is right in front of the jet. It feels so good I'm gonna go do that now.

Pool party

I always go swimming at my friend's house, and when she has to go to the bathroom, I swim up to the jet, and pull aside the crotch of my bathing suit and spread my legs in front of the jet. It feels so great and the thrill of getting caught makes me cum even quicker! I just sit there and let it hit my clit. Anyone who has a pool or hot tub, or can get to one I suggest this! as it is the best orgasm I have EVER had!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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