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Chill town

I love to masturbate with an ice cube inside my vagina. No words can express what the chill inside feels like.

Ice is nice

I love to take an ice cube from the freezer, stick it in my pussy, and let it melt in my pussy. The orgasm is great!

Ice is always nice

Last night, my throat was kinda dry, so on my way to bed, I decided to get a cup of ice, so I could suck on it if I woke up with a dry throat. Well, I didn't only have a dry throat, but I was also very horny. I usually use some markers to get my self off, but last night, I added a li'l extra wetness. I put pieces of ice inside me, it felt so good. It melted pretty fast also!

Ice cream treat

I like to lay on the floor naked and put ice cubes on my naked body and rub them all around. Then I get an ice cream scooper and rub the handle all over my wet pussy. It feels like a dick rubbing against me and I cum so fast.

She likes ice

Oh my God! This is the best way in the world to masturbate, I guarantee you 100 percent this is the best way! Every other day I get to see my boyfriend and sometimes he comes to my place. What I do is while we are watching TV or something, I say I need to go to the bathroom and go to the fridge and get an ice cube or two and stick them in my wet pussy. Oh my God, the melting is the most amazing feeling! Yes! So anyway, I sit next to him and cuddle or talk while trying not to scream my head off or make any weird faces. It's so good! Some days while at work I grab an ice cube and stick it in there. I swear, ice cubes rule!

Ice gets her hot

First I take an ice cube, and I squeeze it really tightly in my hand so that the warmth of my hand melts the ice cube, and I hold it over my pussy with my legs spread. Now this gets me really wet. Then I prop my legs up on a table while sitting in a chair, and finger my clit while dripping the cold water in my pussy with the other hand. You cum so hard it's amazing!

Cool as a cuke

I stick anything thing I can find in my pussy to get going, but the best thing to do is take an ice cube and rub it all over your pussy. Then take a cucumber (if you don't have a dildo) and fuck it till you explode!


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