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Scoop it out

I like to use an ice cream scooper in my pussy then put a vibrator on my clit and I rock back and forth and the two minutes go by and I cum for like 5 min before I can stop! It's better than the real thing you got to try it. Oh the vibrator is only a back massager but it feels so good you'll scream. You can just use the vibrator (massager) if you want but I like to pretend that the scooper is a big cock. Put Vaseline on yourself too.

Butter me up

I like to use the handle of a butter knife. I just rub it up and down my clit and slowly get faster and faster until I cum. Sometimes I may even lightly rub the ridges of the top part over my clit. It is amazing.

Butter me

Put a butter knife into your pussy gently. If you are brave like me then you will start to add another after another. Never try to pull them out all at once or you are going to feel some pain.

Whip it

When I need to ""take care of business"" I get an old fashioned whisk, the kind your mom whips eggs with, and I lick the handle to get it really wet with my saliva. I hold the other end of the whisk and I first, gently caress my clit. Sometimes, I hold my vagina lips open with my other hand. I like to pull my legs up to my chest and elevate my lower body with a pillow. As I start to feel my pussy get wetter and my clit and my labia get more swollen I begin to press a little harder onto my clit and start moving the whisk in a circular motion. You will feel so overwhelmed when you come. It is great to pop that whisk out and use it with others in the bedroom too. And just think, nobody knew where that whisk was...of course clean it before you put it back ;).

Super scooper

When I masturbate I like to first hump the corner of my bed until I get nice and horny then take out our jumbo size ice cream scooper. I slowly start to play with myself and when I just can't stand it anymore I thrust it inside of me extremely hard and start pumping it in and out as I continue to hump my bed. It works great and it gives you an awesome orgasm!

Spoon it up

I use a plastic serving spoon - the handle. I rub it against my clit real slow, and then faster and faster, then slow again. Another is, I use the spoon handle and rub it against my G-spot while rubbing my clit with my fingers. It feels soooooo good.!!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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