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In the bathroom

I usually lie in the bathroom so I won't get caught. I take off my clothes and lay on the floor. I put both of my legs up in the air and spread them wide open. I then rub my clit with my middle finger and I'll get a super orgasm.

Wiggle jiggle

When I get horny, I go to a nice private place and begin to masturbate. I get totally naked, except for my shirt and begin to rub my vagina and vulva. Once I get pretty horny, I spread my legs as far as they will go and begin to wiggle my clitoris back and forth. Eventually I begin to go very fast until I reach orgasm, but I hold off for a few times, leading up to a very wonderful orgasm. Oh my god it feels so good.


I like to lie on my back in a bed or anywhere and spread my legs apart. I put saliva on my finger and rub it all over my clitoris, going fast and then slow. Finally I stick my finger in me and do it all again!

Middle finger rub

I love to just sit on the bathroom floor with my legs spread open as far as they can go. I gently rub my clit with the middle finger of my right hand. After about 2 minutes, I start to rub my finger on my vulva, and I go back and forth between the clit and vulva until I am finally stimulated. It feels so great and it makes me cum really easy!!!

Clit and Cushion

I'm still a virgin and pretty tight! So I lay down naked, spread my legs apart, and use my whole hand rubbing myself up and down. When I get a little wet I get a cushion and lay on it, spread my legs apart really wide and push the corner between the moist lips and clit until I orgasm. It's wicked and I can do it for ages. When no one’s in I can really go at it until I'm screaming!

Great view

I like to lay on my back and pull my knees up to my chest and spread my legs as wide as I can. Using my elbows behind my knees to hold my legs as close to my armpits as possible, I still have use of both my hands. I like to spread my pussy lips apart with my left hand and with my right hand I can finger my pussy and rub my clit. You can also use your left hand to play with your anus. I can get a really good view of my pussy and then I pretend that someone is masturbating while watching me do this. It's very erotic!

Back against the bed

I usually sit in my room with my back leaning on my bed. I spread my legs and put my feet flat on the ground (with my knees bent). I take my right hand and rub it through the top of my vagina, starting slowly and getting more intense. It's the same effect as humping a pile of pillows or cradling something!

On your knees

Get down on your knees (with your underwear on) then open your legs wide. Rub your vagina, and as time goes by rub harder and faster. Do this for a few minutes. You'll love it.

That tickles!

I love to spread my legs wide and tickle myself crazy. I use my middle finger to tease my clit with a drop of Vaseline. I also tickle my nipples.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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