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A show for hubby?

I'm married but bisexual, and love to masturbate with other women. I have this friend who I meet up with sometimes, and we play with ourselves together. We drink some wine, watch porn films and bring ourselves off. We like to get into the 69 position and watch each other fingering, and I love to lie on my back and masturbate while she sits on my face. I keep wanting to videotape one of our sessions and slip the tape into my husbands porn collection. Maybe one day I will.

Good paint job

I masturbate while fingering myself and also making sex noises. I also like to get my female painter to finger me and I finger her. We get off really quickly and we really enjoy it.

Best of friends

When our husbands are at work, my twenty-three year old girlfriend and I explore new ways to make ourselves cum. We are not lesbians, but we do enjoy showing each other how we fuck ourselves. There is nothing as exciting as having your fingers deep in your pussy, your nipple in your mouth, and a vibrator on your clit, while at the same time you are watching your young girlfriend jam a dildo deep inside her tight ass as she rides her hand just inches from your face. I love the smell of her pussy while I masturbate. The better I fuck myself, the wetter and more sweet she smells. This, in turn, causes me to fuck myself even harder and deeper. Masturbating with a girlfriend is wild and super sexy.

Girl to girl

Although I am not a lesbian, my girlfriend and I were bored one day and began to explore. We shared how we both love to masturbate and decided to show each other what we do. We took off all of our clothes and she watched me insert my dildo into my pussy as she held the vibrator against my clit. It was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. When I was done we switched positions and I did it to her. We now have made this a ritual. I look so forward to watching her buck wildly against the vibrator as the dildo is inserted into her wet pussy.

The Dynamic Duo

Last night I was lying on my bed trying to sleep, (I'd been there for a while) when my roommate came in. We share a bedroom so I heard her getting ready for bed. She got undressed and slid under the covers without putting pajamas on. I heard some creaking noises from her side of the room. Then she started to moan a little. I looked over and saw something moving underneath the covers. After about 5 minutes her covers came off. Her moans started to get louder, then she looked over at me and saw me watching her. I told her not to stop. I pushed my covers back and pulled down my panties. I started flicking my clit back and forth and she started moaning louder. She came before I did but before I came the first time she started again. Her second time, my first, we came together. Then we both masturbated together. I'm hoping we'll do it again tonight, I think we will. I have to go masturbate again just thinking about it.


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