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Mentholated (Note this is potentially dangerous and not recommended)

I like to take a cream which has menthol in it (Vicks, Deep Relief etc.) I rub it into my hands and then wash most of it off. In the bath, I use a moisturizing soap and slip it inside me giving me something to grip on. I then feed the rest of the cream just inside me and gently massaging it into my clit. The cool feeling along with the warm water is....simply incredible and brings the weirdest of orgasms...try it, but be careful with which cream you use.

Spank it hard

I like to spank my pussy hard with either the backside of my hairbrush or a wooden ruler. Making sure to get my clit, I will spank my cunt at least a dozen times. This gets my pussy nice and swollen, and my clit is always aching and twitching when I am done spanking myself. After I finish spanking my cunt, then I stick my finger in my pussy and get it wet, then rub my clit hard and fast while I pinch, pull, twist and tug at my hard pink nipples. I always tease myself, bringing myself to the edge of orgasm at least 5 times before I allow myself to cum. Sometimes I rub tiger balm on my nipples and my clit right before I cum to make the orgasm even more intense.

Minty Fresh

I love to take a cough drop (my favorite is Halls Cool Ice) and stick it inside my cunt for an incredible feeling. Because your pussy has the same mucus membranes as the inside of your mouth, it'll respond with the cool, tingly feeling that'll get your juices flowing.

Bathroom bonanza

It's nice masturbating in the bathroom. Before I start, I like to imagine someone (preferably a girl) playing with my pussy. Rubbing toothpaste on my clit gives a cooling sensation, then I wash it off by spraying water (from the shower) directly at my clit until I've had multiple cums. It's a great feeling!


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