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Moist and moaning

When I feel horny, I like to read stories like the ones here, which make my pussy really wet. Then I go into my room and take all my clothes off and lie on the bed with my mirror at the end, so I can see myself wanking myself. I rub my breasts and my pussy at the same time, and moan as loudly as I can. Moaning makes me even more horny and wet. It's not surprising I come really quickly. Better go and start touching...


Light a candle and put it in front of you. Sit down on a cushion with your legs crossed underneath you and use a dildo or the top of a bottle and push it into your pussy hard, in and out. When you're about to climax open your eyes and stare at the flame. I couldn't walk for about 20 mins after I tried this. It's the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced.

Look at me!

I sit in front of the mirror rubbing on pussy until it gets wet. Also ride pillows; it gives a great orgasm.

Watch myself

I love to watch myself in a mirror. I lie back propped with pillows so I can watch my fingers working my pussy. My breasts are large so I love to make them bounce or press them together in my left arm while I play with my pussy with my right hand. I rub my clit and pinch my nipples till I get my pussy all wet. I love to watch that clear sweet cum drip from my cunt while I rub my clit. I like to tap my clit with my open palm and add pressure until I am at the point of climaxing, then I stop and slowly tease the insides of my pussy. Sometimes I take my fingers that are slippery and soaked with cum and watch myself lick them telling myself how good it tastes, this makes me even wetter. I turn over and rub my nipples on the pillows all the while watching myself in the mirror and talking dirty to myself. I move up on the pile of pillows and pump my clit on them till I am almost there again and stop and change positions. This drives me crazy till I am feeling that tingling in my pussy and have to cum. Still on my stomach and lying over the pillows so I can watch my ass move up and down, I pump my pussy and slap my ass at the same time as I cum, all the while watching myself in the mirror. Then I put the mirror back on the wall and wait for the next time.

Blushing pussy

I like to take a big mirror and part my legs wide. I place the mirror in front of my pussy and take a very good look and as I masturbate, notice the how my pussy color changes from pink to bright red. You can try it in various positions -- squatting, laying on one side so on. Use the mirror and look instead of just feeling the stimulation!

Rocking orgasm

I love to watch myself in the mirror while I get myself off. Plus my bedroom window overlooks a beautiful body of water, and I position myself so I can look outside (it gives me the feeling of being outside). I start by slowly stripping in the mirror. While watching myself I feel like I'm a different person. I lube my nipples with slick lubricant. My tits are so sensitive that I get really hot fast. I rub my clit with one hand and my nipples with the other. I might finish off with my trusty vibrator but usually I have a rocking orgasm without it. Happy self-pleasuring!!

Solo stripper

When I am alone, I start to take off my clothes. It's really exciting when you imagine that there are people watching you. That really makes me wet. In the end I wear only a G-string, which is totally wet. I like to rub it over my clit. Then I put the G-string off and I start to tease my breasts and my pussy in front of a mirror, because I enjoy watching myself rubbing my wet, shaved pussy. Sometimes I stick things in my pussy, mostly big round things, and push them in and out. When I am really horny I use my fingers to rub my clit hard and fast, fantasizing that a cute little girl is doing that to me. That makes me so wild that I cum so hard that I sometimes have to cry out loud.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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