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Full-up evening

First of all I like to take my index finger and slowly insert it into my vagina, then with the other hand I slowly stroke my nipples, sometimes licking them as I go. Next I take cucumber and peel it, then I suck on it hard, while taking an electric toothbrush and sliding it in and out of my clit. With my other hand I put 2 fingers up my arse hole sometimes before hand I ride a pillow squeezing my legs tightly together to get myself going. After I have finished my first stage of masturbation and reached orgasm at least 5 or 6 times, I lie in the bathtub with my arse up the end of the faucet and let the water fall onto it. I start with cold then slowly turn it onto warm. Sometimes for my 3rd stage I cover my body with oil and the bath and bathroom floor and rub myself against them. I do this at least 4 times a week and more if I have a chance. But my favorite is lubing up and rubbing myself up and down a pole. I cum each time then. That is my perfect evening!!!

Hump and Squeeze

I like to start out reading some stories or looking at porn, and when I start feeling turned on, I cross my legs and start squeezing my thighs together, putting pressure on my clit. I squeeze and rock my hips like that for awhile, and when I get so wet I can't even stand it, I go to the bed and start fingering my clit. By this time my clit is so huge and sensitive, the feelings are really intense. I rub my clit and fantasize for awhile, until I finally decide to cum. But I'm not satisfied that easily - after the big orgasm, I hump the side of my bed or my pillows a few times until I just can't squeeze another orgasm out!

Chocolate lover

First I fool around on the Internet and look at different kinky web sites. Then I start to rub my nipples across the keyboard and tease my pussy. Then I take a piece of chocolate and put it in my mouth and take my left hand and put it in my mouth as I imagine it being a hard dick in my mouth. With the other hand, I rub my pussy, then slowly start to put my index finger inside. The warmth feels so good. Then I pinch my nipples. When I'm ready to explode, I take about three soft pillows and get on top of them and picture myself riding a big dick.

Toy time

I lie on my bed, head raised, in front of a mirror or in front of a computer looking at cocks on porn sites. With a large soft toy I rub my clit up and down slowly at first then faster until I cum. to make it more exhilarating I sometimes use a vibrator or electric toothbrush up my cunt as well as the soft toy.

Noisy pussy

First I like to lick my fingers and pinch my nipples. Since I have my left nipple pierced, I like to pull on the ring a little bit, and that gets me real hot. Then I lick my fingers and start playing with my clit, but usually I am so hot that I have enough juices flowing so that I don't have to do that. Then I get my big red dildo and slowly put it in, and by this point, my pussy is almost sucking it in. Once it's in I start pumping it in and out, and since I'm so wet it makes great noises, which I really like hearing. I fuck myself with the dildo and play with my cunt 'til I cuuuuuuuum and when I finally cum I stick my fingers in me and get them all wet and taste my self. This is usually enough to get me hot again, and start all over.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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