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Pleasure's worth the pain

I start out by tugging and pulling on my nipples to get them hard and erect. I then place a clothespin on each nipple, which hurts somewhat but intensifies my sexual experience when I start to masturbate. I then lie back and spread my legs widely and, holding back my pussy lips hard, I rub my slit up and down, gliding over my clit, which is getting harder and harder. I go to my nipples and flick the clothespins, which makes me gasp and moan. I then go back to stroking and rubbing my pussy and eventually I start to completely focus on my clit. I rub and tug at it and I push something inside me. Usually I use a fat, cold carrot and I push it as far in as I can.

I then close my legs tightly and rub my clit in earnest. Sometimes I spank my bottom hard too. When I cum I hold my legs together and have the most amazing waves of orgasm. They come over and over until finally it all subsides and I feel warm and relaxed from the exertion. Then I take out the carrot and take off the pegs and a searing ache goes through my breasts but I welcome it as I have been thinking all the while about a dominant male forcing me to masturbate for him in this manner. My serving is done and I can finally relax and rest.

Wet nipples

When you are taking a shower turn your shower head to vibrate and position your self so that your nipples are under it. It hurts like hell but it is an awesome turn on.

Slow tease

Sometimes I can play with my nipples for half an hour or more. After that I come within minutes. I also like to spend a long time teasing myself with a dildo and rubbing my clit until I feel close to an orgasm, but I back off and build up again with more teasing.

Naughty nipples

I love to masturbate any chance I get!!! It is not only a stress reliever but pure satisfaction. I like to start out wetting my nipples with my pussy juice, then start rubbing and pinching my them. Once they are erect and I've got my pussy more wet I began massaging my clit with a vibrator. Sometimes I use clothespins on my nipples as well. I love to fantasize about other women as I am doing this, although I have not been with one yet.

Bowled over

First I rub my tits through my shirt, then I take off my bra and leave my shirt on. I pinch my hard nipples through my shirt. It gives a different sensation than your hands would directly. I do this until my clit starts to throb and then I lie face down with a small bowl placed under me right where I can rub against it. By this time, my shirt is off and my nipples can bounce against the floor, sending shockwaves to my clit while I move back and forth against the bowl. Just before I orgasm I tense up my leg muscles and the feeling is incredible!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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