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Magic marker

I love using two electric toothbrushes, one on my clit and the other one in my vagina. I turn them on and just before I cum I put a thick marker up my ass. It just feels amazing.


I like to use those Gellyroll pens and stick them in my vagina, then I get out a electric toothbrush and then I put it on my clit, and hold it there (while still pumping the pen in and out). I can stand it so long! It feels awesome!


I take a pen (not one with a sharp edge) and put it against my pussy length ways and saw back and forth and get faster. Then I like to close my legs and squeeze them together while sawing really fast, it's nice

Big thick marker

I like to put a big thick marker in my pussy and push it harder and harder until I cum.

Office supplies

I like to take a pen, lube it slightly and place it between the lips of my vagina. Then, I close my legs and move the pen up and down and in circles -first slow, then fast. I get so turned on and I can orgasm slowly or quickly depending on my mood.

Easy writer

I get naked and sit in the recliner and grab a pen, use the end of the pen to stimulate my clit. I just use circular motions with the pen tip until I feel an orgasm cumming and lick my finger and finish till I explode. I usually lick my fingers off because it tastes so good. One day I hope my husband comes in and catches me. I think it could be real sexy. I love to watch him masturbate as well.

Juicy coochie

I take a pencil and I rub it up and down my pussy. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Then I like to hear my pussy get juicy. That makes me cum faster. I keep doing this and I like the smell of my pussy juice - that helps too. It feels so good.

Mark it up

I like to take two thick markers and insert them in my pussy. I pull one up and around my clit while thrusting the other one in and out of my vagina. Sometimes I put both markers in (caps outward) and secure a bobby pin on my clit and pull on the bobby pin. The sensation is awesome. You can also put bobby pins on your breasts and pull, too!


I love to masturbate. Get a pen that vibrates and put it on your clit. Then lift your legs. One side of your clit is more sensitive then the other and keep it on that side. Then tighten your muscles and push your butt up further and you will be cumming in no time.

Squiggle writer

I use one of those pens you find in the toys section at like Wal-Mart. those squiggle writers, use the round part on your feels great.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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