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Rock the house

I look at some pictures of guys with their dicks hard and I stick a finger in my pussy while I'm still wearing my undies. Then when I get really excited and wet, I take off my panties and put a pillow on the corner of the mattress. Then I start humping really fast and I move my pussy in a circular motion and back and forth. Then I cum.


I like to take a pillow and push the sides as hard as I can on my pussy. It takes a second, but after the second time I cum so hard it's crazy! I have this really hot guy that lives next to me and sometimes I like to open the window and do that for him and when I'm done he's playing with his cock. It's awesome, you have to try it!

Water balloon

I like to fill a balloon with water but not make it too big. Then I put it into my panties and get a pillow and start riding on it. You get a really great orgasm this way.

Pillow talk

I get a pillow with a large ridge on the sides (at least one), and textured is a plus. Then I stick it between my legs, ridge in your slit, and rub yourself to an amazing lingering orgasm.

Rock 'n' roll

I lie down on the bed or floor and put a rock under a pillow then hump away!!

Pillow tower

This is simple, but it feels so good. Stack about 3 pillows on your bed, then cover them with a towel (don't want them wet) Get naked, at least on bottom, and straddle the mound. Move back and forth, riding it. It feels so good with your cunt spread wide open and all the softness in it. Move around, bounce do whatever gets you hot. Sometimes, you can hear wet slosh sounds and hearing this is so arousing. You'll cum in no time.

When the boyfriend's away…

My boyfriend drives a truck and he's gone Monday through Friday and needless to say I get lonely. I stack about 3 or 4 pillows on top of each other and I take a small G-spot vibrator and place it on top of the pillows. I insert it and turn it on then I just gently rock back and forth fondling my breasts and nipples. The closer I get to orgasm the faster I go. I is an extreme sensation.


I like to take off my shirt and my bra. Then I get a soft pillow and bunch it in the middle so there's a bulge. I lie on top of the bulge and hump it like crazy. My tits rub against the carpet which also gives an awesome sensation. I get orgasms every time.

Pillow Talk

I like to masturbate with a pillow. I squeeze the pillow in half, then put my vagina on top of the pillow. I start pretending to have sex with my husband. I put light music on and start sliding the pillow a little up my vagina and move around with it. It's great when you want sex but your husband’s at work.

Simple Pleasures

I like to masturbate with pillows!! I also just rub my clit while using a dildo, and pump it in and out of me.

Riding Pillows

The best way to masturbate is to get three pillows and hump them while looking at your ass riding in a mirror. I love to pull my panties down only to my ass part and turn around in a mirror. Also you can bounce on a pillow.

Groove to the music

I have a soak in the bath and soap myself, slowly and paying lots of attention to my breasts and clit. Then I play raunchy music (usually Tom Petty!), put two large, firm cushions on my bed, put my large dildo on top, and straddle it. I slowly slide my cunt lips up and down the length, in time to the music, building up to the most intense orgasm, leaving me shaking and stunned.

In the hot seat

Sit on a chair with your legs apart, facing the back of the chair. Place a pillow in between your legs and hump at what ever pace until you get the most amazing orgasm ever! it works every time!

Cum every time

I usually get two pillows and fold them so that they are up pretty high. I lie on the floor and start rubbing my pussy on them slowly and as I start to go harder and faster I make sure to hit my clit every time! I cum every time!

Pile on

I stick my hand in my pants and push them in and out of my pussy. I also like to get a condom, put it on something round, and stick it in my pussy. Then I get on a pile of pillows and go up and down faster and faster.

Furry friends

I either take a stuffed animal and stick it down my underwear and hump it hard. or I use a vibrator occasionally. At night in bed I use my fingers and rub up and down and around. Sometimes I perform a striptease for myself to get me in the mood and play music. I stuff my bra and hump that also on top of my bed. It feels so great.

Also after I strip I put on a sexy pair of socks and big furry slippers and sometimes I run in slow motion dressed like this. Other times I have humped pillows while being stuffed. Sometimes I even lie on my bed with a pillow under my pelvis to hold it up and I rub myself. Other times I take pillows and stuff them down my clothes and make myself look like a big mama.

A step up

I have stairs in my house. I usually take off my panties and take a pillow and put it up against the rail of the stairs and separate my pussy lips on it. Then I grind it until I can't stand it. It feel so good and my pussy loves it too!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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