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Keep cool

I like to use the popsicles straight from the freezer on hot nights. It feels great and I fuck myself over and over.

Popsicle maker

I enjoy of creating an ice lollypop with the shape of a penis (you just need a glass that gives it the shape... Oh! And make the lollipop out of water)... Then... stick it in my pussy as if it was a toy... It is cold... but good.

Popsicle pusher

I use a Popsicle with the plastic around it and you have to break of the top. Just don't break of the top. Use it to bang yourself its cold and perfect fit. You can lay on your stomach and prop it against the bed or lay on your back. It's cold but feels so good. I use it with a vibrator so I can get double the pleasure!!!!! It works to rub the Popsicle over your tits and clit too...also have your partner use it on you....he will get a kick out of it.

Chilling out

I like to take a popsicle and stick it into my pussy and circle around my clit. The orgasm is great!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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