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Dildo show

I get a tube of lip balm, take off my bra and rub the gooey lip balm quickly back and fourth across my nipple. It feels like a tongue if you do it right. Then I put my tit in my hand with the nipple in the middle of my palm and lightly squeeze. After all this tit play I am well on my way to wet. Since my neighbor is a hot ""man in uniform"" this really turns me on, and him even more since I often do this near an open window where I know he can see me.

Then as I see him getting a hard-on I begin to rub my clit and finger myself like crazy. I get even hotter when I see him biting his bottom lip and grabbing his stiff cock through his pants. All the while he has no idea that I know he is watching me. Then I'll stand up and face him, looking right at him, and stick my dildo in my mouth and blow the hell out of it. Then I stick the dildo between my tits and bounce them while I lick the dildo.

I rub the tip of the dildo against my nipples and moan and squirm in sheer delight. I know that he is imagining me doing this to him when he starts to unzip and I put the dildo in my vagina. Then with the dildo still in me I rub my clit with my fingers and clench the dildo inside me until I explode.

Being watched

My bedroom window is next to my neighbor's bathroom window. I've noticed that the neighbor, a great looking guy, leaves the top window open a bit and likes to look through the narrow gap into my flat. I leave my blinds open and lie on my bed masturbating in full view, giving him a fantastic show. I don't know if he knows I know what he is doing, but I'm sure he doesn't realize I get as great a kick out of it as he does!

I imagine someone watching

I will get on the computer and read stories and look at pics. When I can feel my pussy get wet, I get up and sit in a chair near my window. I make sure there is a soft glow of light behind me and open the blinds enough to let someone who is peeking see in. I play with my tits first, softly touching the nipples, pinching and stroking them. Then I will move my hands to my waiting pussy and dip my fingers in my own juices and start rubbing my clit. Slowly I work my way down to my hole and then to my ass, softly caressing my skin. Then I use both hands, one playing with my clit and the other fingering my hole, while I imagine someone watching me from the outside, getting all horny, until I cum really hard.

Peeping neighbors

At around 9:00 pm every Friday and Sunday I know that my neighbor will go to his bedroom. He switches on the lights. That's when I masturbate. I pretend that I don't see him and I open the blinds. I put a scoop of ice cream and a little piece of soft cake in my pussy. Then I spread my legs as far as I can. Of course, he can see what I'm doing. I massage my clit with the ice cream and cake. After 10 minutes, I use my vibe...I fuck myself hard and I use a cucumber to rub my clit. By this time I can see my neighbor masturbating as well. I really cum hard. Every Tuesday he opens his blinds and shows me how he fucks his wife. I masturbate 3 to 4 times a week.

Neighbors watching

I love to masturbate with the window open, I have a two-story house next to me. The wife is always outside in the garden and he is always upstairs, I know that they like to watch me play with my cunt, so I lay on my bed with my legs spread open, and shove a dildo in my cunt and tweak my nipples. I have on several occasions seen him watching me while he is playing with his cock, and I have seen her put the handle of a pruning thing inside under her dress and fuck herself with it from the reflection in the mirror. This is a big turn on for me. I also take my back massager and hold it on my clit at high speed until I am peeing and cumming at the same time!

Life in the fast lane

Nothing turns me on faster than knowing that someone is watching. I usually use toys anywhere from a dildo to a cucumber, but when those are unavailable, my fingers are just fine. I like to do it in the backyard laying in my hammock completely naked, hoping someone will take a peek... or for my boyfriend, and sometimes even in the car while he's driving hoping the guys in the big trucks will see. There have been some instances where they have spotted my open legs, and busy hand and WOW! what an orgasm!


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