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Shower time

I lay in the bathtub and I put an object that is shaped like a cock inside of my pussy. Then I use my detachable shower head and set it on the massage setting, letting it stimulate me clit. You will have an unbelievable orgasm in no time!!

Stand in the shower

I have a shower head that has massage settings on it. I love to put it on the vibrating setting. The water shoots out hard and good. I put it between my legs and stand in the shower while I squeeze my legs harder and harder. I get the best sensation while doing that. Try it, it's great, but it does waste water.

Jet spray

I have the most sensational orgasm in the shower. Using a jet spray I sit on the floor of the shower and place the head directly on top of my clit with the water on fairly low so it just warms you up. Then as I want more (try and hold out as long as you can) I increase the water flow keeping the head constantly pressed on my clit. I continue this until the orgasm you build up is so amazing I'm writhing all around the shower in ecstasy. It is also good to slightly move the head from side to side and also clenching my buttocks increases the orgasm even more.

Non-skid strips recommended

Hold the shower massage in your hand. Adjust to pulsating setting and apply to clit. Recommend non skid strips on bathtub for the big O.

Back in the shower

A great way to start orgasms is if you have a detachable shower head in your bath tub. Oh my god those work great. Before I used to use a baby nipple thing that goes on the baby bottles but then I started orgasms in the shower with the detachable shower head. They work great if you have like the massage setting on it, but don't turn it too far or it comes out really hard and it hurts!!!

Buying advice

I strongly suggest getting a massaging shower head. You know the one that's detachable It does some amazing things. Just make sure you can hold yourself up!! Put the head onto pulsate and let the warm water smack up against your clit. WOW! I am getting wet just thinking about it!!

Like a man's tongue

When I'm thirsty to cum, I get in the tub and use my showerhead massager. I put the pressure on medium, get in a squatted position and let the water spray upward at my clit. It's like sitting on the face of a man with a vibrating tongue. The orgasm is an explosion!

Relaxing in the tub

I like to lie back in warm, scented bathwater and imagine another woman licking my nipples and fingering my pussy. When I get really worked up, I start to spread my pussy lips and gently rub my clit until I feel the juices flow. Then I spread my legs wide, still imagining a warm mouth on my cunt, and spray my clit with the shower massage (slightly warm water), using a semi-powerful spray. Intense orgasm.

Wet Massage

When I'm in the shower, I turn my showerhead to massage mode. Then I sit down and start warming up. I put it to light massage mode, then start warming up my upper inner thigh. Then I put it to strong, then put it in above, directly, and under my clit. So good! And you can also look forward to a bath!

Dirty in the shower

I use one of those hand-held shower massagers. I start out with the light massage then I use the harder and stronger massage and hold it right up to my clit. I get off every time I do it, and I'm in the shower forever. People think I just like to be really clean, but what they don't know is I really love to be dirty -- in the shower!

Getting all wet

I love to take my detachable shower head and move the different settings. I love to do it with my legs leaning against the wall. I get off so good.


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