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Shower shudder

This is the greatest way to masturbate. If you have a shower head that can change the force of the spray, then turn the water on full blast and change the shower head so that it sprays in one big stream. Put it against your clit and relax. It also helps me to hump it. The orgasm is great and it's quick! I love it!


When in the shower I press myself against the cold tiles until my nipples are rock hard, then, still leaning against the tiles, I take the head of the powershower, turn it right up and play it over my clit. Sometime I fiddle with the temperature control and switch from hot to cold every few seconds. Also try the powershower against your anus while rubbing or fingering yourself - WOW!

Smooth stream of water

When you're in the shower, let a smooth stream of water hit your clit. While you are doing this, rub your nipples and make them hard. You will get really good results from this; it always works for me

Bathroom Appliances

I love masturbating in the shower, using the showerhead when it’s a hard jet stream. Standing up, I open my legs, position the showerhead so that it is right on my clit, and then I close my legs tight and have the greatest time. I usually have an orgasm in less than 2 minutes. I also have started using an electric toothbrush on my clit, making sure the bristles are really soft and wet. It’s the greatest feeling.

Wet and Wild

I love to masturbate. I usually wait until I take a shower to do so, but there are several exceptions to that. When I do use the shower, it is everything but dull. I turn the water on and step in, teasing the little slit between my legs every once in a while. After I finish bathing my body, I switch the water to a soft but firm jet stream and lie down. I part my legs and let the water spray my freshly trimmed pubic hair. After I feel that I have my pussy's attention, I reach down with my hands and pull apart the skin hiding my waiting clit. The water pulsates onto the thing and takes my breath away. Just when I don't think I can take anymore, I close my legs and let my pussy calm down and stop its spasms. I continue this exact cycle about three more times, and on the fourth, I have the most amazing orgasm. Try it, and I guarantee you won't be sorry.

Good clean fun

I get on the Internet and look at really dirty porn and read stories. I start rubbing myself outside my shorts or whatever. This makes me really horny. Because my computer is in the living room, I love doing it while someone's home. Then when I'm extremely horny, I say I need to take a shower. I put the shower head on massage and let it run on my clit and down over my asshole. Then I take the handle of my hairbrush and stick it up my pussy moving it in and out fast while the shower plays with my clit. Gives a great orgasm...and cleans you as well!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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