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Sit and squeeze

When I get really horny, I take all my clothes off and I sit down on the bed. I place both my hands on my pussy and I cross my legs and squeeze. While I'm doing this, I start to hump in a slow motion (continuously) and I start feeling a throbbing orgasm within my body. It feels great!

Tap and squeeze

Before I masturbate I like to be sure I'm feeling horny. I do a little striptease for my own pleasure, rubbing and stroking my breasts a lot. I then lie down flat and use my index finger to tap my clit. I tap, then stroke and squeeze, then tap, then stroke and squeeze. It gives the best orgasm!


I like to take a vibrator and hold it on my clit by squeezing my thighs together why adjusting speeds almost constantly. It is also fun to push your clit down and squeeze it with one hand while inserting ton fingers into you with the other hand. Also, ice is a very fun, cheap tool, Rub it on your nipples and stomach for a great effect; however, I don't recommend putting it on your pussy because you'll lose the warmth and wetness. I am very hard to please, so if I know these tips work for me, then I know you're sure to enjoy them!!!

Snow angels

I lie face down, tighten my legs as tight as possible and move them as if making snow angels. Make sure your clit is rubbing against the bed. Think of sexy arousing things. The orgasm is soooooooooooooooooo amazing, it works every time. I guarantee it.

Clit clicker

I like to take the TV remote and put it directly on the bare skin of my vagina. Then I take it and apply pressure. After that I squeeze my thighs. It makes me so horny I pant like crazy. Try it, you have to build up to your climax though and when you reach it, then wiggle the remote to make the sensation last longer...

Rub and squeeze

I take my index finger and middle finger and place my clit in between them and rub until I get really horny. Then I tighten and untighten my thighs until I reach orgasm. It is great!!!

Squeeze play

I love to masturbate. I have done it ever since I was little. It is so great! I love to squeeze my legs together when I rub my clit.

No Hands!

If I'm at work I usually do it during the morning but with no hands as I have learnt to squeeze the correct muscles! When I get home I enjoy an hour session or so stripping off and reading some favorite bits from books.

Good for the complexion

When I'm alone at home sitting at my computer, I tease my clit with Kegel exercises with my legs tightly squeezed together. Then I go to the bathroom just when I'm juicy and ready to play with myself, get some cocoa, and rub it in like I'm gently waxing my little VW Beetle. It's never too messy, and I can use an entire half of a 3 ounce jar in one sitting. After all, cocoa butter is good for your complexion.

Sweet ecstasy

Most chicks spread their legs while masturbating, but I find that it feels amazing keeping them together. I lie on my back, clamp my legs together and try and tense every muscle in my body, at the same time rubbing my clit in a fast circular motion. As you get nearer to cumming, the pressure of holding yourself tense becomes almost unbearable, but it makes the conclusion so much more satisfying, orgasming with nonstop convulsions of sweet ecstasy.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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