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Thanksgiving leftovers

I start by using a turkey baster that I cut the small pointed end off. This makes the baster a perfect circle of plastic tubing that fits over my clit. I squeeze the bulb and it creates a vacuum that puffs up my clit and makes it huge and swollen. I do this with a hand mirror between my legs so I can watch. After a few minutes of teasing myself, I use either my lipstick-sized vibrator or a Spin electric toothbrush. I apply light pressure to the upper left side of my clitoral hood and blast off into ecstasy.

Mini suction

Get an empty film cylinder, one of the little plastic ones. Lick the rim of it and put it over your clit. Squeeze the sides and it creates a suction. Gently flick it while you put the end of a hairbrush in your pussy. Also works well in the shower when you fill it with warm water.

Super sucker

I have a plastic tube (fish tank type). I massage my clit with oil. I also massage my anus. I put the tube to my clit and slowly suck on the tube. I raise my legs up to my shoulders and insert a finger just inside my anus. As my orgasm approaches I suck hard on my clit and waggle my finger in my tight ass.....WOW....I need to do it now!

Vacuum job (Note: this is potentially dangerous and should not be tried by anyone)

I like to get a canister vacuum cleaner, undo the long end so that just the base of the hose is free. Then I position my clit with one hand and mount the mouth of the hose against it. This is the greatest way to ""fly solo"". Guys really dig watching a vacuum cleaner suck me off. You learn to adjust the suction level to your personal preference. I am a professional by now, having started at age 13, so I can turn up the suction really hard. This is must be what heaven is like. Plus that vacuum's mouth never gets tired or changes pace when I'm getting ready to come. Try this!!

Vacuum it (Note: this is dangerous and not recommended)

I like to turn on the vacuum and take the hose and apply it lightly to clit and pull it away then re-apply it and pull it away. I can come quickly this way.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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