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Super tampon

I usually take a super tampon and shove it in my pussy, then I ride it on a pillow until I cum. It really feels like you have a dick inside you.

Lots o' tampons

I remember as a teenager, before I moved out on my own and was able to buy ""real"" sex toys, I had to make do with things around the house. I realized (this was when I was still a virgin and pretty tight) that using a tampon as a dildo while I used my index and middle finger, one on each side of my clit, and rubbed it hard, that I could have an orgasm pretty quickly, and it was better than just masturbating with my hands. Over time, I was able to work my way up to having about 4 or 5 tampons in at the same time (all UNUSED, of course) quite easily, and having really rocking orgasms.

Plastic pleasure

I've found that in some stores, the tampon sizes can range from itty bitty to the width of a toilet paper roll. Once, I got a package, took out the tampon, and use the plastic applicator as my own little dildo. It works great!

Tantalizing Tampons

I like to use tampons. It works better if you start off going in and out with a super absorbent one. Then when you’re ready use the smallest one you can find, it works great. Hang your legs off your bed. I get horny just talking about it.

Butt floss

I like to take a long piece of string (not too thick) and push all of it into my asshole, leaving just a little hanging out. Then I slowly pull it all out of my ass as I rub my clit with my middle finger. I squirt my juices within seconds. I also like to put a tampon up my ass and then rub my clit until I'm about to cum, then pull out the tampon.

Tampon tweaker

First I go to a hot site like this and get very horny. Then I get two super plus tampons and insert them into my vagina and my asshole. I lie flat on my stomach and start massaging my clit area and pushing the tampon deeper and deeper. Meanwhile I'm pulling hard on the string of the tampon hanging out of my asshole. Right before I reach orgasm, I pull the string hanging out of my ass very hard, and eventually pull it out. It's amazing. I think I'll do it right now!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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