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My tips, girls, is an electric toothbrush. OMG. Put it between your pussy and your asshole. Then turn it on. Slowly make your way up to your wet throbbing pussy. OMG. I feel wet writing this. Then get your boyfriend to come in and do it for you for a better cum.

Counter Vibrations

I like to sit on my bathroom counter, open my legs, and use a vibrating toothbrush and put it as deep in me as I can go. It's so good and fast.

Substitute Dildo

No dildo? No problem. Use an electric toothbrush and put a damp or dry wash cloth over it. Hump it and scream all you want.

Brush and hump

I rub my clit with my index finger and carry on until I reach orgasm. Then, while I am still shaking, I stick an electric toothbrush up my vagina, switch it on and hump it on a pile of pillows.

Squeaky clean

I sometimes go into my bathroom and lay on the floor and put the flat part of my foot up against the wall. I use my legs to balance me as I use my right hand to massage my clit. When I'm really wet, I grab a hairbrush or an electric toothbrush and put the handle up my pussy and push it in and out. It feels sooo great, you should try! Even in the shower, if you have an adjustable showerhead, change the speeds and massage your clit with it. You will love it!!!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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