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Twisted towel tussle

I like to put 4 or 5 pillows on top of one another, then take a small towel and twist it up. Then I set the twisted towel in the middle of the pillows. I sit on the pillows with the twisted towel in between my vagina lips and move back and forth. Start slowly, then get up to a more rapid pace. When I feel like I am going to orgasm, pull up the front side of the twisted towel. It feels so good.

So very terry

This is simple: just fold a terry cloth towel a couple of times and go humping! It builds up amazing orgasms!


If you like it in your ass and your pussy, all you need to do is a get a bath towel and a marker. Wrap the marker in a baggie, put lotion on the baggie and stick in your ass. Hump the towel. It feels great!

Rocking straddler

While taking a bath, place a face cloth, either dry or wet, depending on what feel you like better, and lay it flat on the edge of your tub. Then straddle the edge with one foot in the tub and the other out and rock back and forth, it feels really good because the terry cloth from the face cloth feels really good and it doesn't take long to start cumming.

Slippery Towels

I like to take a couple of towels and roll them up together, then take Saran Wrap and wrap it around the towels once. I then place the roll on the toilet, put a little lotion on my pussy and the saran wrapped roll, straddle the toilet, and hump away! The lotion on the saran wrap is very slippery and creates an awesome feeling! You can also do the reach around thing and use a vibrator while doing it!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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