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1. "The Stranger" refers to which masturbation practice?

Masturbating in front of someone you don't know
Putting on a mask and masturbating in front of a mirror
Sitting on your hand till it falls asleep and then masturbating with it
Masturbating while reading Camus

2. What Biblical figure gives their name to a synonym for masturbation?


3. The term "fifi" is:

The French equivalent of the British "wanker"
Prison slang for a homemade masturbation device
A nickname given by Empress Josephine to her favorite dildo
Derived from the slang term "five-finger shuffle"

4. Which of these supposed negative consequences has not been associated
with masturbation?

Hairy palms
God killing a kitten
Higher insurance premiums

5. Noted sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey was known to do what with a toothbrush during masturbation?

Rub the bristles against his testicles
Use it to clean his foreskin
Insert it in his urethra
Insert it in his anus

6. Which phrase was popularized by a "Seinfeld" episode dealing with masturbation?

"Cock of the walk"
"Master of your domain"
"Mayor of Muffville"
"Master of Manual Arts"

7. "Working out at the Y" is a synonym for:

Male masturbation
Female masturbation
Mutual masturbation
Masturbation with exercise equipment

8. Women may enhance sexual pleasure during masturbation by stimulating their:

Thyroid gland

9. A 19th century anti-masturbation crusader is also known for inventing what product?

Corn flakes
The Dixie cup
Decaffeinated coffee

10. Male masturbation by sucking one's own penis is known as:

Kundalini yoga
Kama Sutra for one
Blowing your own horn

11. The term "mental masturbation" typically refers to:

Fantasizing about masturbating
Bringing yourself to orgasm by thinking about it
Pointless and self-indulgent intellectual activity or discussion
Masturbating while doing the multiplication tables in your head

12. Which of the following animals have been observed masturbating themselves?

All of the above

13. Bukkake is a type of Japanese porn that focuses on:
Actors masturbating in traditional Japanese costumes
Men masturbating and ejaculating on an actress
Men masturbating and ejaculating on a cake
Anime characters masturbating

14. Which U.S. government official was forced to resign due to a controversy over masturbation?
J. Edgar Hoover
Joycelyn Elders
Monica Lewinsky
Donald Rumsfeld

15. The act of masturbating while restricting your airway with a noose or other device is known as:
Hangman's bluff
Choking the chicken
Autoerotic asphyxiation
Suicide sex

16. Along with neuroses, Dr. Sigmund Freud believed that masturbation was related to which of the following:
Wrist injuries
Nasal problems
The Oedipus complex
Chronic urinary tract infections

17. Which film title references a masturbatory act involving food?
Watermelon Man
Mystic Pizza
American Pie
Children of the Corn

18. "Edging" refers to doing what while masturbating?
Standing on the edge of a cliff
Rubbing your penis on the edge of a table or counter
Delaying orgasm repeatedly
Balancing on your toes

19. A group of males facing each other and masturbating is:
A circle jerk
A daisy chain
A round robin
A cock-a-thon

20. Which literary classic contains a famous masturbation scene?
The Catcher in the Rye
Moby Dick
One Hundred Years of Solitude

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