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Butt plugger

I love to rub my nipples and put a vibrating butt plug up my ass when I masturbate -- intense orgasm.

Helping hand

My wife likes to help me masturbate. She will use an anal plug on me while I wrap my fist around my dick and play with my balls. As I get close to coming, she thrusts harder into me. My climax is mind blowing.

Wall banger

Lie with you legs up over you body (a wall is good to keep you propped up). Insert a dildo or something good for pleasuring your anus, and use the wall to push it in with the beat of your jerking hand, with your free hand pressing very hard behind you balls (between your balls and ass). It will feel intensely good. When you start to cum, press as hard as you can and push the dildo as far as it will go. You won't be able to control the pleasure you feel.

Stop 'n' go

Get yourself really hot and hard, and start having a good JO session. Lube your butt and a dildo up at the same time. Slowly work the dildo up your ass till it finds your prostate and start to massage it. Work your butt and your cock till you get to ""that point,"" then back off. Keep this up as long as you can...the stop and start method, and you will eventually explode with cum flying all over the place.

Girlfriend's panties do the trick

First, I get horny by reading stories just like these and looking at amateur pics. I then like to squeeze my nipples and sometimes put clothespins on them. I then begin to stroke my cock and apply lube to my ass. When I've relaxed I put a dildo into my ass. I like to look at nude and dirty photos of my girlfriend and push the dildo further into my ass. My cock is now very big and red and I wank my cock while fucking my ass with the dildo and then cum into a pair of my girlfriend's panties.

Home alone

When I'm horny I go into my room and get naked, make sure no one is home, and get my dildo and put it up my ass and jack off. I like to swallow my cum as it shoots into my mouth.

Borrow her toys

When my wife goes to work, I will lube up her dildo and fuck myself with it as I jerk off with the other hand. I always try to shoot my load in my mouth when I orgasm. I just love the feeling and taste!

I've been interested (like most guys) in anal sex for ages, and recently decided that if I wanted her to try it, I should try it first. I started with my finger in the shower, all soapy and wet to make it slippery. Pretty good, and a great orgasm with it up there when I came!

Then the other day I decided to try it with her condom-covered vibrator. My God! What a sensation! After slowly inserting it, I turned it on low and wiggled it back and forth, turning it up higher, moving it back and forth and a little in and out. I had a deep, incredible orgasm without even touching my dick!

I would definitely recommend this to any guys or girls as an addition to regular play, alone or with a friend. I've found my girlfriend loves to watch and join in with this too.

Ride 'em cowgirl

I love to masturbate to porn...specifically girls riding on top of a guy. The girls must have nice, natural tits. I love to watch them bounce up and down. It's even better when they talk dirty and groan a lot. Then after about five minutes of watching I start to stroke my cock and play with my balls. I usually do this for an entire movie, for a good hour or two. When I can no longer handle it, I then lube up my left hand and finger my asshole at first, and when that gets old I take one of my wife's vibrators and ram it in my ass. I also use her butterfly vibrator to stimulate my skin between my asshole and balls. When I cum it feels great and I usually explode onto my stomach and chest. Try it!

Sitting pretty

The best is lubing with a baby oil gel and inserting a Candida Royalle Natural Contours vibrator up my anus. Wow, does that hit the prostate perfectly! I love sitting on it, working on the computer and jerking away with the left hand. I can jerk off for hours at a time. I have just read every one of the 350 stories and most of the female ones as well as many other sites. You will have to turn off the vibrator at times as it will get your entire body shaking uncontrollably.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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