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Fingers up there

I like to stick my fingers up my ass while I am jerking my cock. It feels GOOD!!!

Speed shooting

I like to get really hard and then time myself, to see how quickly I can get off. My record is 33 seconds. One good way to help this out is to lube up your cock and finger and slide it up there and jerk hard. Have fun with that one.

Slide behind

When you are masturbating, lube your other hand and run it through your ass in sliding form, do not enter it yet, just keep on sliding. Then when you feel you are about to cum, hand fuck your ass. You'll get a big load!!

Cup it

While you're masturbating with one hand, lube up the other hand and lay your sack in the cup of your hand. Then place your fingers on your anus. Stimulate it until you cum all over! I know if you're a ""man"" you don't like to stimulate your anus, but it feels great!!!

Stomach Hurdle

Get naked and sit up on the bed with your knees up and your legs apart. I like to lube up my right index finger and wank off with my left hand. When I'm ready to cum I flick my finger over my asshole and shoot my jizz all over my stomach.

Double Trouble

My favorite way to masturbate in the shower is to prop a leg up on the edge of the ledge of the shower and soap up my anus. Then I insert 2 fingers of my left hand into my anus and push against my pubic bone. At the same time I soap up my cock and pump away with my right hand until I shoot a massive load. The fingers in the ass make me shoot a ton. I can also cum without being fully erect. Feels great and you get real clean at the same time.

Fuck yourself

First I play with my asshole, getting it to relax and open up. While doing this I periodically give my cock a couple of hard wanks, but not cumming yet. I let my dick start to go limp and then I grab the head and stretch it real hard as far as I can, down between my legs towards my ass. After a few of these I let it go limp one last time. At this point I am able to insert at least three fingers with ease into my ass. I grab my limp dick and stretch it real good, bend it in the middle toward my anus and push the head of my dick in my ass. Once in, I use my palm to push it in further. At this point, riding my own cock in my ass, there is no holding back. I blow a my cum into my ass and the sensation is unbelievable. When my cock goes limp again I pull it out and put my ass in the air and keep playing with my cum filled slippery hole. It makes me cum again all over my stomach.

Two hands are better than one

I usually pump my penis up and down with my left hand and finger my butt with my right hand. This feels a lot better when somebody is masturbating you. The feeling is so intense.

Worth a shot

Drip baby oil onto your erect dick, dribbling it gently around your sack. Gently massage yourself, sticking your finger up the asshole to a give stronger sensation. Then tightly squeeze and speed up the stroke. At the point of cumming stick two fingers up the ass and WOW! Explosive CUM, all over your chest at least! Great. Worth it. Try it!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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