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Get your vegetables

I rub bananas all over my knob, then slide a condom on a carrot, lube it, and then stick it up my arse. Oh the joy.

Banana butt

Get a long green banana, a rough rider condom, and some type of lube. Put the condom on the banana. Lube it and stick it up your ass when you jack off for an explosive orgasm!

A nice size cucumber

I love to put on a pair of my wife's panties, preferably a thong, and lube up a nice size cucumber. I lube it up with baby oil and position it on the couch. Then I sit on it and I slowly work it up my ass. Meanwhile I slowly tug at my cock until the cucumber is all the way in or I have taken as much as I can. It results in huge gobs of cum and a huge orgasm.

Fucking cucumber

I enjoy working my ass over with a cucumber. I strap it to the handle of a long screwdriver with masking tape. I then lube it with baby oil and brace the screwdriver wherever it will brace. You can fuck yourself in many positions till you have managed to work the cucumber all the way up your ass or as much as you can take. The orgasm is incredible.

Veggie lover

I like to lube up a zucchini and slide it up my arse while lying on the bed. Then I jack off until I'm nearly ready to cum while pushing the zucchini in and out. I let the moment pass and then start rubbing again. After doing this 2 or 3 times I usually get to the point of no return and stop rubbing and just slide the zucchini in and out, pressing it against my prostate. The orgasm is intense and produces a great spurting wad all over my stomach.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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