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Back-room action

I love to masturbate while at work. I love to go in to the back storeroom and wank off really fast and hard, until I cum. The thought of someone walking in the room and catching me wag off really turns me on. I usually try and take a dirty porn mag with me for extra turn-ons, but most of the time I just think of my sexy assistant manager who is really hot!

Workday distractions

During the day I work at home by myself. I'm usually thinking about a hot business associate I've known for years or my incredibly sexy older sister. She's been a target for a long time, and has even, on a few occasions, ""helped me out.""

Fitting room frenzy

I used to work at the Gap, and during my breaks I would pretend to be trying on clothes, get completely naked in a fitting room, sit on the bench and masturbate in front of the mirror. It was hot to see me jerk myself off, my big balls bouncing as I yanked my cock up and down steadily with my left hand. Hearing the voices of the women around me trying on clothes, in only their bras and panties would make me cum all over the mirror, the floor, and the bench. I would clean up my load with one of the shirts I grabbed to try on. Afterwards I would return to work. Don't worry, I would ""damage out"" the shirt each time, so it wouldn't get sold. If you are ever in the Gap stores, stay out of fitting rooms number one, three, and nine. I might have been there.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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