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I bend my back in a certain way and I give myself a blowjob. Anyone who is capable should try it!

Self suck

I like to suck my own cock. If you do a lot of stretches, and hold your breath, you can suck it yourself. It's awesome!!

Like a dog

When you see porn and your dick gets hard, try to touch your dick head with your lips. I have licked many times my cockhead in this way.

When she won't give oral

I lay on a bed on my back. Then I lift my legs backward over my head and my press feet against the wall or the headboard. Then I grab my ass cheeks and pull my cock into my lips and mouth. I can hold myself close enough to lick all around my head and suck on my head. It doesn't take long for the cum to boil. Then I swallow as I cum. It is fantastic to feel my pulsing cock in my mouth. Good for when she won't give oral.

Suck and jack

If you have got a big dick then you can do this. I lie on my back, put my legs behind my head and put my dick in my mouth. I start sucking and jacking. It feels really great when you cum in your own mouth! Try it!!

Go suck yourself

There are many ways I like to masturbate. However, my favorite is to actually suck myself off. I put my legs over my head, bring my cock to my mouth and start by licking the head. Slowly I lick all around squeezing out loads of pre-juice. After a while I can lick up and down the shaft and slide the entire head into my mouth. I pump my mouth till I can't hold back any more then shoot a huge load down my throat.


I actually get naked first. I usually do this every night. I always get huge amounts of cum. One time, 'cause I really wanted to know what cum tastes like, I sucked my dick, and wow! I know what it feels like to have a blow job, but the cum -- yuck!

Straight shot

I love to masturbate and get a really hard cock and start to rub it really, really hard. Then slowly I pull my feet over my head and start to suck it and then get cum in my mouth. I'm not gay, but I think it's so great.

Be flexible

I bend over as far as I can and stick my dick in my mouth -- well as much as I can. I am very flexible. It feels like a blow job because it basically is. Try to see how far you can get. I've gotten about 2 inches down the dick.

Lucky (and flexible) guy

First I get off by reading masturbation stories like these. After I'm all hard and ready I get naked. I'm one of those talented guys who can suck his own cock. I lie on the floor, put my legs over my head, and suck myself off. While sucking I also jerk at the same time. I love the feeling of my cock in my throat and moving all around in my mouth. When I finally blow my hot load in my mouth, I swish it around in my mouth for a little while and then down it. Sometimes I give myself a facial. Also, I like to use different objects up my ass once in a while, to make the orgasm more intense. Being able to suck my own dick is awesome and eating my own cum really makes me hot.


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Rabbit Vibrator




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