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Cup and balloon

I take a cup from my kitchen, and I go to my mom's room -- when she not there. I then take my pic of Britney Spears. I take a balloon, fill it up most of the way with water. I then place the balloon in the big cup and make sure it's a tight fit. I then rub my dick with lube (vegetable oil) and shove my cock in the balloon. I then fuck like crazy. I feel an orgasm coming, then the sensation arrives and I cum! I wash the balloon and do it again!

Pussy pillow

I fill 5 to 6 small balloons with warm water and tie them up. I put them in a plastic kitchen bag and put in lots of cream. Then I roll the plastic bag in a pillow with plastic bag's opening sticking out of the pillow, and tie the pillow with my belt or a rope. Then I lie down on the bed and start twisting my nipple and stroking my cock. I take the rolled-up pussy pillow and put it slanted on another pillow and start shoving my cock inside the bag in the pillow. The warm balloons and cream just feels like real pussy. I keeping fucking the pussy pillow until I cum fully with TOTAL satisfaction.

Balloon Tricks

I call this balloon masturbation. I like to masturbate with latex balloons. First you get either a 16"" or 20"" latex balloon. Inflate the balloon till full size, then sit on the balloon. I usually apply lube to my penis to prevent friction, then use your body and push the penis against the skin of the balloon. Push back and forth in a smooth even tempo until you reach your climax. It's so much fun when you start squirting your cum all over the balloon!!

"Up, up and away...!

This is what I call ""Ballooning masturbation"". Use a normal party (latex) balloon and pump it up to about 16"". I love to use it, because it has a sexy shape and soft latex feel, especially after a few rounds of using it to pound on. I then apply Johnson Baby Powder over it to make it silky smooth baby skin soft. It smells nice and sexy. Place the balloon on the bed and start rubbing against it with your penis. Slide slowly back and forth on the balloon. The soft slippery latex balloon against my cock and the smell of the baby powder on the balloon and the balloon making noise, drives me crazy and I start rubbing and pounding it hard. When I do eventually come, the orgasm is mind blowing and I cover the balloon with sperm. After that, I just wipe away the cum and put it back in my cupboard. It can be reused roughly 6 times, depending on how you control fucking it. Practice make perfect!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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