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Tug away

When I masturbate, I take my cock and stroke it rhythmically and tug on my testicle and scrotum at the same time. It seems to make me cum harder and squirt more.

Baby me

I like to put baby powder on my balls and very lightly caress them as I stroke up and down. Caressing at the very bottom of your sack will give you an erection you won't soon forget!!!!

Morning shot

First thing to do in the morning when you wake up with a hard on is to jack that sucker off. I like to tickle my left ball while doing in and just as I'm about to shoot I cup my balls and squeeze hard. It intensifies the orgasm and the load.

Tea bag

I like to get a small cup and put warm or hot water and lay my scrotum in the cup and whack off. You will love it. This way you will cum all over the place and it feels so wonderful. Everyone should try it!!

Balls out

Whenever I masturbate I place my nuts on the sink counter and push my cock onto my balls. As I cum onto my stomach I rub it around everywhere and lick my fingers.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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