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Ok, this is a great way to simulate a vagina. It almost feels like a vagina except this way is more tighter than a vagina. What you do is get a banana. Cut off the top. Squeeze out the banana matter, eat it if you want or just throw it away. Put some KY Jelly or an ""oily"" lubricant in the banana (you can also use a little bit of some mashed up banana matter). Wrap the banana with duct tape so that when you insert your cock inside the banana it won't break. At the other end poke a pencil-sized hole for air. CAREFULLY insert your cock into the banana. Be extra careful not to break it. Once you start to slowly fuck the banana it will fit you penis and become loose. You will have a great time. It's just like tight pussy and you'll cum a lot. Your cum will also taste like banana. Mmmmm...


The banana is the best natural lube in the wanking world. I use this technique three times a week. My motion is so fast and I always ejaculate inside the banana. My penis has started to smell like a banana. My girl loves it, so many times she peels the banana, eats it and slip the cover over my penis. She is getting crazy with the taste of banana on my balls. So a banana is the best way for me to please my penis, my balls, and my girl in my wanking world conception.

Banana Trick

I take a long banana (with a thick skin), cut only the tip, and press out the meat of the banana. I insert my dick carefully (if possible when it is still small) and jack off.

Faux Pussy

I cut the end off a banana, put tape all around the banana, squeeze out all the fruit, and shove my dick in the open peel. It really feels like a pussy.


I have a little cut in my mattress. I put a banana peel inside, stick in my dick and start moving up and down till I shoot.

Going bananas

Here you go. This is a great way to get off. Go to the store and buy the biggest green banana you can find. Cut about 2 inches off one end. Carefully, with a long spoon, scoop out all the inside fruit. Now, once you've cleaned it out, put some warm water in the banana. OK, drain the water out. (An average size cock is no problem with this, but if you are big you're going to blow the banana apart.) Now make a small hole at the bottom of the banana (this is to release the vacuum). Carefully insert your cock into the warm banana. The sensation is just fantastic! Jack until you're happy.


I stick a warm banana peel on my cock and fuck away. Then I eat the cum out of the banana peel.


I get a banana and take the insides out. I then insert my cock inside the banana and go for it. It feels so great!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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